Today is a busy day.  Appointments.  One for D and one for my sister.  My sister’s having THREE teeth extracted.  Having recently had ONE pulled, I know, potentially, how dreadful this will be!  Send her happy, healing thoughts if you are so inclined.

It’s also C’s EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY!  I can hardly believe it.  This is one of those universal parent sentiments – the shock at one’s offspring growing up.  We are so proud of him.  We are waiting to hear from one more school, but he is happily accepted to McGill and may be headed there in the fall.  He’s working tonight – so it’s a good thing we had ice cream cake last week (although, I’ll admit, tonight we’ll have ANOTHER ice cream cake, this one made by me).

Some thing don’t change, I thought, looking at this old summer vacation photo.  There’s C on the left – wearing pj bottoms at dinner.  I think he wishes he was still really blonde.  He had WHITE hair as a toddler.  Well, wait – he had NO hair until about age two, then very white hair.

Up and away.  I’ll be continuing to listen to Jennifer Egan’s “The Keep” during  my drive today.  It has characters as interesting as in her Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel, “Visit from the Goon Squad”.  I definitely recommend her.

4 thoughts on “18

  1. ginny

    What beautiful kids! Happy Birthday to C! 18 is a great age, the whole world in front of him. I hope he loves McGill. Love the old vacation shot. So much is happening in the pic. Esp. love the little sassy girl and the expression on your son’s face. Too funny.

    Good luck too to your sis. Dental work is the worst.


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