Red/green felt house

A felt house finished over the weekend.  I’ll admit I liked it better as a flat thing.
Rather than stuff the satin loops through the bead, I slipped waxed linen through the bead and tied it around.
And here’s a rare photo of Jack relaxed (rare, because the camera makes him nervous):
My 59 second tutorial on making the felt houses can be found in a link in this post.

9 thoughts on “Red/green felt house

  1. Chris Gray

    It looks more like a casket than a house…

    …and wouldn’t hold your pencils if it were flat!

    I think it’s lovely.

    Thanks, Chris. But do you mean ‘casket’ as in for dead bodies?

  2. deanna7trees

    thanks for your comment on my blog. i wrote a whole reply e-mail and then realized i didn’t have your e-mail address and it doesn’t seem to be on your page here. check karen’s blog. she’s offering the first class on wrapping cloths to start in May. you can read the description and there’s a link to the student flickr page there.

    1. deedeemallon

      Thanks, Deanna. I’ll be sure to add my email – I know it’s on my website, which is on my sidebar, but maybe that’s a few too many layers away!

  3. karen

    I love the surfaces you have created on this piece and the ‘in progress” piece in the post below is beautiful… turn your computer off!!!!

  4. Jacky

    Dee this little felt house is wonderful (and I’m heading over to check out the tutorial…sooo sweet).
    Mistress of the North has arrived!!!! I LOVE her, she has such a quiet spirituality about her …. I am sure she is filled with wisdom about all things in nature. I picked a little fresh thyme today which she is clutching with her keys…I think she knows many herbal remedies.

    Jacky xox

  5. deedeemallon

    Chris – I didn’t think you meant casket for dead bodies – mainly b/c it’s the wrong shape, but also because your from the UK, and we all know you guys have your weird usages !! (har-har).

    Karen – thanks for popping in… and I WOULd turn off my computer, but I’m busy making comments. (another har-har).

    Jacky – thanks for comment and so glad doll arrived intact and that you like her… the thought of you adding fresh herbs to her clutch of keys makes me smile…


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