2 thoughts on “Felt disks

  1. saskia

    really like the felt disks, and that cute little mouse, I know they do smell after a while……some finds you just have to keep, maybe not indoors. Love the display of collected all-sorts from two days ago-along with mouse; for me taking and uploading pics with my phone is far easier than with my camera, which is ancient I know. the pleasures of modern life, imagine running around in bear/bare skins waving sticks and grunting as communication, I do think life is at least a lot more colourful than way back then! just like your disks, have I mentioned I really like those…..bye

  2. Dee Mallon

    Interesting to contemplate communication even in the early 90’s given all the changes!! like me seeing your work, you visiting this blog – it still kind of blows my mind.


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