More on this after the show this weekend, but how fun was it to turn two quilts into this messenger bag:

These quilts always kind of reminded me of oversized potholders, anyway.   It’s two same-sized quilts, one with a pocket sewn on the inside, with a single strip of fabric stitched as the sides/bottom/strap.  Side two:
Also finished these bags today:
Now everything needs priced before tomorrow!

Will show you the lovely Japanese bag that was the inspiration for the construction method on the messenger bag next week.

4 thoughts on “quilts-into-bags

  1. saskia

    really like these bags Dee, and what a good and useful way to use quilts, I’m inspired!! looking forward to next week’s tuition.

  2. ali

    What a great idea, using those small quilts–form into function! I just realized we’re neighbors, of sorts–NH and MA.


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