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Sale day one

Firmly ensconced in the Crap Out Zone starting new Swedish murder mystery (“Fallet”), but wanted to thank everyone for your good wishes and encouragement and also to give a quick report. Sales were pretty good, traffic fairly steady, but the really exciting thing was using my phone to take credit cards for the first time. And, it didn’t snow (like yesterday).

The clay work, by Pamela Schoenberg Reider, looked lovely all on its own and also paired nicely with my quilts (Instagram : @wonderingaboutclay).

I swore

I swore an oath, I mean. To uphold the Constitution and so on in service of my duties as a Notary Public. This is the sort of formality that when practicing law seemed a quaint inconvenience but this morning (after being a stay at home mom for a long time (and now a stay at home whatever)), seemed a little momentous.

The raised right hand. Proof of identity. Presentation of the letter of appointment.

After swearing the oaths, I signed the big ledger book. All wrong. Oh dear. The beautiful thick pages with tri-color lines marred by my inability to follow directions. I was halfway done, when I noticed the pen tied to the counter, clearly meant to service the signees. Appalled, I asked, “Is this supposed to be in black ink?” Oops. And then I scribed today’s date in the box meant for the commission’s start date. Scribble. Scribble. “I’m so sorry,” I said to the nice man behind the counter (a counter, which, by the way came up to my collar bones and might’ve had something to do with an impaired performance) (nice try, Dee). “Your beautiful pages. Your lovely book. I’m so sorry.” I got the sense that the clerk didn’t give a shit about the book but appreciated my forlorn apology.

K drove me in and out. What a guy! I had three months to get this done and left it to very nearly to the last minute.

Other news: I registered (correctly, as it turns out) for Newton Open Studios yesterday. It takes place the first weekend in April. I’ve participated five times in this city-wide event, but it’s been a while. I have so much finished work! So much almost-finished work. As long as I put the writing first, I’m good. Actually — excited!

Show and news

First, a thread rendering of Bob Hewitt with a quote from paper (and one artistic modification).  I have ranted about him before.  This’d make a great “Oh Really?!!” segment on SNL.  I can just hear Seth Meyers’ voice:  “Oh Really, Bob, YOU want to forget the whole thing?!!!  You screw underage girls, scarring them for life, and YOU want to forget about it?!!  Really?!!!”  (The Boston Globe, May 21, 2012).


Second, some shots from Newton Open Studios.  One of the positive aspects of doing a show that isn’t hugely busy (and this was far from hugely busy) is that I can sew… for hours.  And, I did.










Lastly, two self-portraits. This one, taken moments ago, makes me wonder, “When did I turn into my mother?!!”


And this one, taken accidentally, in some ways is a better portrait (surprise, surprise).