16 thoughts on “Not more news

  1. Mo Crow

    I really, really don’t like dolls (think 4 younger brothers and what happened to the dolls that strayed into their room… best not to go there) but yours has fabulous eyes (((Dee))) have a fabulous open studio next weekend!

      1. Mo Crow

        I avoid the horror genre in both books and film, even the classic tales by Edgar Allan Poe are a no go zone being are indelibly stamped in my mind ever since reading them at the tender age of ten…

        1. deemallon

          No apology necessary! My thumbs make Constant errors! Like random capitalization. That seems to be the new thing.

        2. deemallon

          I’m not a huge fan of horror either. The last time I saw dolls used for the creep factor was in True Detective, Season One. Loved that show. Every scene was perfect. Except for the dolls. They were overkill.

  2. Ginny

    The use of dollies with gouged blackened eyes is so common on LI there is a rule at the NPT high school art department no dollies allowed. One local self proclaimed “next Andy Warhol” genius even straps dildos to them. It’s a bit pathetic. And creepy. That said I love this gal with the shiner. I can relate. Lol. Though no violence involved I’ve had my fair share.

    Dee the work is tremendous. Every one I see , i think, I want! Good luck in the sales. Wish we were closer god dang it!

    And happy Easter too.

  3. Hazel

    Such a colorful wealth of making you’ve gathered and finished! You must be excited and exhausted. I’ve been wishing I could visit my sister in RI right now, and have added a road trip to your show to the daydream…sigh.


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