heat wave

taking to the deck, drinking lots of seltzer!

This workshirt, being worked on in Jude Hill‘s Contemporary Boro class, features a pretty blue cotton printed with trees.

Here’s the shirt before I cut off the sleeves and took off the buttons.

And speaking of trees, this beauty can be found near one of the northern entrances to the Arnold Arboretum.

I post it with the wish that any reader under sway of heat, stays cool, stays hydrated, stays healthy!

3 thoughts on “heat wave

  1. saskia

    shirt is developing nicely…..the cool blues are just so….cool, like the horizontal-vertical stripes; and on ‘waiting is done’ whew, I mean it turned out really well, but what a struggle it sometimes is!! it happens so often that I start out with a certain idea that looks great to begin with and then I’ve seen something, somewhere and it all-has-to-change, help, and it works most of the times, or gets ‘lost’ and years later resurfaces and then gets done (sometimes even thrown away..) ah the creative process, never a dull moment, haha!!

  2. deedeemallon

    I am familiar with a cycle of leaving things off for awhile, or going through a phase of really detesting what it is I’m making (this happens so often, I almost don’t blink anymore, b/c I know it doesn’t necessarily mean anything)… what’s different right now is the way I’m pushing myself AND recognizing the limits of a particular effort. Like, the “Waiting” quilt – it really doesn’t work in a number of ways, but it feels good enough… which is part of what it means to learn new things… A lot of the embroidery (new for me in last six to eight months) that I add to my quilts looks like shit. That’s a conundrum. Not the kantha stitching – that always seems to enhance – but chain stitch or satin stitch or, or, or… so, that’s a learning curve I’m on right now.

  3. saskia

    I think I understand what you mean by “recognizing the limits…..”, if what you mean is that you just have to ‘listen’ to where the piece is heading, I don’t want this to sound vague, because for me it isn’t , it’s staying loyal to the piece, oh my that sounds eery…..sticking with the way a certain piece is meant to be and saying to yourself: it is indeed good enough! and then I’ve learnt something and can carry on with the next piece.
    (as my dear husband often says to me: the best is the enemy of the good.)


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