River is Wide, River is Deep

“The River is Wide. The River is Deep”.  That’s the name that I came up with for this little composition after adding the blue streaky batik along the bottom edge.  It was a lot simpler a couple of weeks ago.  Then a friend decided to buy it as a wedding gift.  We brainstormed about improvements, and then I spent a couple of weeks with it in my rotation of hand sewing.  I really like the idea of a deep and wide river as an emblem for a couple starting out.

I also like the way the little button adds a sense of friendliness to the structure.  New eaves of red were added at the last, for interest.  Moon went from a sliver to a sliver embracing a full outline.

The couple will be married in the Redwoods, so the twig seemed an appropriate means for hanging.
The front orange fabric hadn’t been tacked down yet, so I could tuck the front of the tabs under.  For the back side, I stitched a strip of cotton to hide the tab ends.
I didn’t see a place for a stitched signature, and the felt would not take ink, so I signed on the tab-cover.

I am almost finished with a piece I am calling “Storm”, as well.

More pictures of that quilt soon!

A light heart lives long.
William Shakespeare

2 thoughts on “River is Wide, River is Deep

  1. saskia

    a very poetic title, full of wisdom for the couple embarking on their joint-venture……….and the twig-for-hanging is excellent, the whole piece is, actually. Storm looks promising.

  2. deedeemallon Post author

    I hope they like it! and Storm is a nice new hybrid of machine and hand work… can’t wait to show off!


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