Entering July

This little heart-embellished door can be the passageway into July.  Why not?

It was hard to cut the hankie that offered up these red hearts, but I’m glad I did.  I for one, am planning to create some pockets of joy this month – so what better doorway for the season?

This piece is small – about six inches square – and to my eye, has a decided “Quilting Arts” feeling to it.  It’s the checked flowers, I think.  Today, I’ll add tabs and find a stick to hang it from, and call it done.  Moon needs a few more stitches.

The Tshirt quilt project has been revised to – duvet cover.  It would be very difficult for me to quilt a blanket that is 91 inches square with my current set up.  Yesterday, I hand-sewed the buttonholes.  Today – I will tack down the edge you see here, connect the quilt top and this red print, and sew on the buttons.  The end is in sight!

(That will bring me some joy!)

Our sole surviving currant bush (too near the neighbor’s driveway and their handyman’s plow-path!) is rife with fruit.  I will make a tart for K and me – because the boys are away and because they wouldn’t like it if they were here!

And speaking of the boys, here is a relic from boyhood.  This is the “Peepee Turtle”.  In their younger days, this was the place for all outdoor urination.  Contained the activity, somewhat.  This poor turtle has not been pee peed on in quite a few years (that I know of, anyway).

A reliable summertime joy?  Tomatoes and basil.  These were mixed with halved mozzarella balls for a little bit of heaven in a bowl.

Lastly, as a teaser, while on the Vineyard last week, or two weeks ago?, we went to The Dumptique… a little shack filled with clothes and books, associated with the dump, where everything is free for the taking.  I found some exciting garments – more on that another time – and this lovely, if a little beat up, crocheted purse.  I love that it is round and features horses, trotting endlessly in a circle.  It needs a good washing, and then — I’m not sure what.


6 thoughts on “Entering July

  1. deedeemallon

    because they can? so readily? can hardly blame them, I would also were I constructed so.

  2. Michelle in NYC

    The heart-door quilt-square, and your comment, made me think of pockets, the kind for hands and keys…Since I’m still at it with my Boro rectangle shirt, it’s just the sort of inspiration I needed. Yum to the berry tart! Oh, wouldn’t a dump-related free-store be just the thing for every small town and every borough in all the cities–a place to take what you need and leave some items you no longer want. The perfect Boro business!

  3. Dee Mallon

    I wish my town had a dumptique – it’s true. To go there while taking the Boro class was too much, really. I found an antique silk blouse/jacket in bright pink (actually, I found four (all tailored in the same style, with labels writ ‘custom made in Siam’), but gave three away almost immediately). Mine has disintegrating hems, and areas of the body where the silk has degraded to holes… There are beautiful silk covered buttons. Can’t wait to tackle the repair, but I will wait until the habotai silk that I ordered arrives.


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