Pictures and captions

washed C’s curtains in his absence — 18 years wore the edge away!

Lexington volunteer in militia garb

Berkshire barn sketched during commission conversation

Bday dinner – K’s six months of being numerically younger than I am are over!

cannibalized “Middle Passage Two” for smaller horizontal quilt (pix soon)

new fabrics from bleach tub and indigo vat for ‘Ghost House’ – (early indigo vat sample of mine on right)

could be pieced into finished top in as little as an afternoon!

garden quilt

Martha’s Vineyard mirror

Patrick and Mary – on our way to Lexington Green

heart from Holland – Thank You, Saskia!

Walden Pond bathers

robin’s nest

7 thoughts on “Pictures and captions

  1. deedeemallon

    thanks, Saskia — it’s been a hot month, but one with some excitement, as well as lots of quiet time… a nice balance.

  2. deedeemallon

    Grace — as it turns out there are quite a few earlier posts related to ‘Ghost House’ – the bottom link reveals the thinking behind —

    first the ‘Happy Hut’ quilt that this is the bleached out version of (at the end of this post) –

    then, a pinned early version here:

    and with a smaller structure, here:

    and with ‘Happy Hut’ for comparison, on the floor, early on, here (with the most text):

    ali, I agree about the cloth-to-cloth weavings.. but the suggestion of weaving in any of these pictures is achieve with patchwork… the way that patchwork and weaving suggest each other is one reason, I think, that the woven-strips Jude Hill taught us are so popular with quilters…

  3. grace Forrest~Maestas

    thanks SO much for all those links…really interesting to see the
    progression/changes as time went by. i love very much it’s present
    form and don’t see it at all as “less” than…to me, i see more than.
    How so much is at the foundation…my experience of it is.. all the
    moments, days that are the foundation of our House, our Life.
    to me, it talks about the Alzheimer woman i have cared for…and
    have known before her present self for many years. she is so much
    the house, a little off balance…the roof…and just Full of moments
    that now rise and fall rise and fall in her awareness. it’s really
    quite beautiful as is this cloth.
    How big is it?

  4. deedeemallon

    it’s about 39″ x 52″ – it will be smaller seamed, but not much. I guess for me it is only ‘less than’ in relation to the other version. On a practice note, I have been wanting to push myself to work with lighter colors for a long time, and this exercise of making a paler version of an existing quilt made that happen with kind of a formula. Halloween, I noticed, was one marking point in its construction… it would be nice to finish it by THIS Halloween.


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