ongoing ark

This is Ark Redux.  Neither the buyer nor I could stand the gloom of round one.  Now, the silk chiffon ‘rain’ is limited by the insertion of a brighter, focus panel behind the ark.  I didn’t double the chiffon this time, so it’s a paler shade of grey. And, there will be a dove.


Smaller dimensions were also requested – which is a boon to the process of lap quilting!  Some folds and junctures between fabrics are left ‘open’ during basting, in order to allow the insertion of paler fabrics.

I was thoughtful enough to stitch the windows onto the ark prior to assemblage.  Why?  Because a needle stitching in that area will now be passing through three or four layers of top fabric (and one of them batik) plus backing and batting.

The yellow silk version was rejected after my husband in passing asked, “Is that supposed to be the sun?”  Well, no, but thank you for letting me know that the yellow isn’t working!

11 thoughts on “ongoing ark

  1. deanna7trees

    that first image gives me the sense of the ark rocking back and forth in the water. especially love the patches against the brown print background of the base.

  2. deedeemallon

    Thanks, Deanna. How are you doing?! The process of tacking all the layers together really starts to make it happen… the windows will get additional stitching (in spite of the layers)…. I am debating a trip to the machine, too …. we’ll see.

  3. Michelle in NYC

    Loved learning about the change of yellow silk. Much better choice now…and the bit about the windows first was useful reminder though I’ve never done anything this complex. It’s so effective.

  4. Heather

    I actually like all the variations, including the first ark quilt a few posts back. Could be a great series, simple shapes and the endless variations of sea and sky.

  5. deedeemallon

    Hi Heather – thanks for popping by… I usually work in series, and I have on several occasions produced two quilts for a single commission request, with the ‘unsold’ quilt eventually making its way into someone else’s hands… so I WILL finish the other, darker quilt.

  6. saskia

    hello there Dee, we’re finally enjoying some warm weather over here as well, at last Summer has arrived…..
    The ‘new’ ark quilt is beautiful, especially the waves and I’m with Heather in that I liked the darker version a lot, (not too sure about the yellow version) so I do hope that one will get done as well, as this take on the voyage is more unexpected if somewhat grimmer(?) than the one with hope and a dove….
    It is nice of you to share your meandering and thought-processes, I love seeing that all over here!!

    1. deedeemallon

      I am happy with the lighter design… when I go back to the first version, I may decide to include the dove – large, white, and centered.


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