happy weekend

I woke to the sound of rain, plop-plip-plopping down.  It made me happy.  It cooled the air significantly and refreshed all the plants.  I sat and read the opening to “The Art of Fielding”, which I will read after I finish the second Hunger Games book.

A busy day, with a visit to my sister, laundry, and the gathering of winter garb for Montreal-bound C., but wanted to share a quick picture.

I can’t wait to show you how this is coming along.  The little teeny garments are stitched down and there is now a clothes line, and pegs!  The tree trunk received a covering of brown-ochre cotton and there is another clothes line on the other side of the house.

Is this so much fun because it is akin to playing with paper dolls, I wonder?!

5 thoughts on “happy weekend

  1. saskia

    oh I like the look of this ……and yes I do think it is akin to playing; I’ve painted clotheslines in several pieces, as the laundry is a recurring part of daily life (and we don’t own a dryer) and I guess I like the down-to-earthness of this chore, coupled with my tree-of-life theme (which sounds more philosophical)

    we are enjoying summer heat, at last and I realise for you rain is a relief; we need different things at the same time, depending on what the weather brings……….

  2. grace Forrest~Maestas

    watching closely. i’m another who has a longstanding Thing for
    clotheslines, how they are like flags….

  3. Dee Mallon

    there is something very wholesome and grounding about pegging clothes to a line, isn’t there? And the fabric smells so much better dried that way!


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