I have a few questions this morning, prompted in measure by the most recent class I’m taking over at Spirit Cloth.

What if silliness is a form of freedom?  And, if you decide being silly is important – can you make it happen? Or is it by definition spontaneous?

I can’t draw horses.  Should that stop me?

I am looking into slavery in all its grotesque specificity.  Reading about pestilence, torture, whippings, labor practices, the Middle Passage, transmission of culture, textile traditions, loss of culture, roles of mistresses, overseers.  Is it possible that such a weighty reading discipline ALONE ought to dictate a measure of specific whimsy… for balance?

What if I tipped the eaves, just a little, on some of my little houses, and they sprouted wings?!

And why don’t I dream about flying anymore?

Do you? Do you dream about flying?


8 thoughts on “silly

  1. Anonymous

    Silliness is a form of joyfulness and is something all adults should practice regularly: children do it spontaneously but we forget as we age.

  2. Mo'a

    I think silliness is underrated…I try to take a dose of silliness each day. One of my all time favorite children’s book is Rain Makes Applesauce. Google it and then go to images…there is a house there that I think you would like 🙂
    I see no reason why a house could not have wings.
    It has been a long time since I had a flying dream…I guess we are too grounded 🙂

  3. Julierose

    I think that “silly”= happy. I wish I did dream about flying–those dreams have disappeared for me, too. Perhaps you are right about all those rules…we need to try and fly more….Julierose P.S. Love, love, love that flying figure…

  4. deedeemallon

    Agreed, Anonymous!
    Mo’a – I looked up the book and the pictures were so delightful! Especially the house going for a walk….
    Julierose – WHY don’t those flying dreams continue, I wonder?!

  5. Hoola Tallulah

    Who said you can’t draw horses? That drawing is worthy of a frame and my wall, it’s wonderful! Silly is never a bad thing, after all, children are silly sausages and full of the joy of the world, I would love to capture some of that spirit and bottle it up, to take a wee sip when silliness evades me. I don’t dream of flying anymore either, perhaps that too, is growing up?
    Loving this post and the pictures of your beautiful work, very inspiring.

  6. deedeemallon

    Hello Hoola! I just tried to comment on your blog and it seems to have vanished… it didn’t say ‘pending moderation’ – maybe it’ll show up later?!!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by… a bottle of silly would be just right for most of our pantries, wouldn’t it? I could use it today, in fact!

  7. handstories

    love the clothes line & “silly” thoughts. remembering one january interim course- holocaust literature all day, then evening spent in rehearsal for children’s theater production- was very glad for that balance.

  8. saskia

    oh I could do with a dollop of silliness over here, seem to be working non-stop, in the office and in the studio – finishing as many pieces as I can for the exhibit – not enough silly-time!!
    who says you can’t draw horses, I see one up there and flying houses, why not indeed. I mean, we get to decide what we make, I remember a painting my eldest made years ago: the sky a bright orange, and every time I look at it I say to myself: of course this sky is orange!
    love the flying figure and the Elyana doll


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