Elyana with Hoop

Well, she’s done!  And in my shop, here.

Really, having spent some time with this doll, I can tell you she is a bit like a mood ring… reflecting the viewer’s state of mind.  Her expression, while absolutely glued into place, is surprisingly CHANGEABLE!

The hoop she holds is a cast-off piece of osier from a wicker table leg.  It looks like a colonial game piece to me. Her hands are tabs from a pair of my khaki pants.

Even when her  mood strikes you as perplexed or annoyed (some of my reader’s takes, by the way – and right on the money), her checked legs and bright red ‘shoes’ remain cheery.

This shot makes me wonder if she might be a teeny bit vain….

I was about to pull strands of wool out of this hank, when I realized I could position the thing in its entirety on her head, giving her this nice, fat braid!

She has ballast, and so will sit on her own.  I use small clean gravel for this purpose, which means in the hands of a flailing child, she could be dangerous!

Anyway, she makes me happy.

I hope someone else decides that they need her.

And, just as a reminder, here are some shots of her head in progress….

8 thoughts on “Elyana with Hoop

  1. Michelle in NYC

    Well—yes, she has one of those hard to read, enigmatic expressions, at one angles sad, and at another disdainful. That’s soooooo interesting Dee. I see in the stick head forms, a cat….do you do cats?

  2. deedeemallon

    Doris – I agree! and that’s what makes these creations fun, because they really do have a life of their own.

    Michelle – I have been making cats for a long time, mostly stuffed and employing felt… they usually go flying right off my sale table (even without wings!!), so they may not have shown up here in awhile….

  3. nadia

    Hi, Dee. The face and expression on this doll are so unusual and just perfect. And the clothing accentuates that expression. Really cool!
    best, nadia


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