sneak peak and light

Here she is without body or hair yet – stay tuned! She is actually finished, just in need of a photo.

Do you think she looks worried or amused — or something else?  And what about names – I’m thinking about Greta or Elyana.

Could her look be a reaction to the falling away of the season, I wonder…. look how autumnal the light is on our dining room wall!
I love fall.  Do you?

11 thoughts on “sneak peak and light

  1. Ginny

    She looks tired, ha, name her Virginia! It is my constant state of being these days. She says a lot with very small eyes. Oh, but that light! It makes up for everything. I’m not the biggest fan of fall and leaving summer behind, but that picture is gorgeous.

  2. deedeemallon

    Bad day, I know, right? But maybe her eyes are just crooked and she’s amused. I can’t decide.

    She WAS Elyana, Rita, until yesterday, when I thought about Greta (no, what it really was that I watched So You Think You Can Dance and realized that I had picked the name of one of the finalists and thought – you can’t do that. But why not? (PS I like the dancer, and I think she spells it differently)).

    Ginny – from my latest perusal of your blog, it sounds like you have put 1,000 miles on your car!! Hope the fall provides more time for you. But, ‘Virginia’ is a great name, I have to say.

  3. Lisa Eaton

    She looks like she has to vacuum, and knows that she will be asking her family to lift their feet while she gets under the couch. This is the look she has as she is either doing the asking, or just anticipating that she will have to ask.

    Fall if my favorite of seasons. I love the light. I love the harvests. I love the shorter days (weird, I know). I love the clothes. I love the smell. I love the apples. I love the air. Don’t love the accompanying sinus infections, but have found a solution for those, so it’s all good.

  4. ersimarina

    I think she looks like a new Gioconda in the making. A mysterious expression, a slightly disdainful look in the eyes, an uncertain smile. How about calling her Lisa?

    Autumn is my favourite season. Bright as gold, gentle as a sonnet, sweet as an apple.

  5. deedeemallon

    Lisa – what a funny story about housekeeping — and how astute about the anticipation being as bad (sometimes worse, right?) as the doing!

    Both your and Ersi’s love of fall gives way to Eloquence!~!!

  6. saskia

    one side of her looks like I felt this past week enduring a particularly painful period, the other half looks bemused especially with the lips/mouth: is she smiling…..or what
    and a Big Yes to fall, these past years september has been Glorious and we’ve been out and about in sunny weather well into november, making good the Very Wet summers.
    your photo of the light on the wall is beautiful and comforting like autumn can be.

  7. deedeemallon

    sorry to hear about having a painful period recently, Saskia… hope it has passed or been muted….

    It was sooooooo hot here today I had to put on the AC… I look forward to fall’s cooler temperatures.

  8. deedeemallon

    She can alternately look so many things! I wonder if viewers will think her any different with hair, etc.


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