shadows below and on top

Make quilt. Take picture of quilt.  Print, then stitch picture of quilt to folded pages of a book.*   Make a color xerox.  Tape color xerox to window on top of Nat’l Geographic photo of a robed figure.  Take another picture.  Voila.

Next, use color xerox cut outs of a previously constructed quilt (hearts) and stitch them onto paper with a magazine waterfall, using a color xerox of handmade paper for the bottom edge.

Photo with ‘neutral light’ (above) and then let shadows play into design, creating two variations.

(This is a test regarding crisp posted images).

I love the shadows and the watery realm in the background.  I also am enamored with photographed stitching bumping along with actual stitching.  And although the THOUGHT of a heart casting a shadow somewhat troubles me, the image does not.

Do any other fiber artists out there like to play with paper reproductions of their fiber work?

*(“The Crystal Cave” by Mary Stewart).

Off to make a smoothie for D’s first day of school… LATE START is a great idea for teenagers!

4 thoughts on “shadows below and on top

  1. saskia

    these look great, Great!! I just love the light and shadows; I’ll have to reread what you did, and see if maybe I can do something like this as well – have to buy a new printer first –

  2. deedeemallon Post author

    I also love to make color xeroxes of quilts… laying the cloth right on the glass… but the rest is just allowing shadows to insert themselves.


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