Apron and Mickey

apron-and-mickey by dee at clothcompany

Here’s the apron I referenced the other day, back when it was just a bunch of woven strips attached to a rectangle of linen. I am wearing it now. It works.

For an apron to work for me, it MUST have strings long enough to tie in front, so that I can tuck a dish towel into it. Pockets unnecessary.

For the many quilters and fiber artists out there who make work as gifts or to sell, how do you know when something’s A KEEPER?

I knew I wanted this for myself, but sometimes I DON’T. One way to turn something I haven’t admitted I want to keep into a keeper is to price it too high. Ha!

P.S.  This apron combines the learning from two Jude Hill classes (Spirit Cloth) — Cloth to Cloth and Contemporary Boro.

6 thoughts on “Apron and Mickey

  1. montana joe

    ha! another tie in front apron lover! though, for me, i like to tie my aprons in front because they are much easier to tie over the generous belly acquired from years of food romance and culinary adventures! i also love having a place to tuck hand towels and have never understood the point of a pocket. i mean, what do people put in apron pockets???

  2. deedeemallon

    Hi Joe! I need RATHER long ties at this point, as well! and re: pockets? yeah, what on earth would go in them?!

  3. saskia

    i really like this apron (which I don’t wear), it looks like a very cool skirt (which I do) the combination of colours and fabrics: just so you


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