Dashing, isn’t she?  And so am I!
This is my double duty day – take a class in the morning; teach a class in the afternoon.

Then, I will have to decide: watch the VP debates live or catch up on “Modern Family”?!!  I’ve noticed that if I tape political speeches to watch later, I tend NOT to watch them.  Because I had such a lesser condemning take on Obama than the press universally has, I will probably decide I have to see for myself… live.

So apologies to my dear blogger companions, whom I have not frequented with as much regularity as makes me happy this past little spell!!

Oh, and, the sun is out.

P.S.  This doll is getting a jester’s hat.  I have bells to sew on the tips of the silk.  And then, she will be done!!

4 thoughts on “Dashing

  1. deedeemallon Post author

    after seeing pix from a Julie (Julia?) Arkell workshop in Southern France (search in flickr – you’ll drool over the pictures), I used her method of paper machier heads with magazine facial features gessoed on. I don’t know how she forms her heads, but I just use a crunched ball of tin foil for the base, running a bamboo skewer up and into it, and down in to the body. The heads are turnable, which is cool, but also removable, which is not so cool.

  2. deedeemallon Post author

    the yellowish areas, Lisa, are scraps of pattern pieces gessoed on… I like the way that yellow lends depth

  3. saskia

    she’s wonderful!! am most definitely going to mix even more media into my work, such as papier mache.
    And hey: you have a job?! congrats, sounds great.
    haven’t been commenting enough lately, busy as you know….have read the earlier posts, barn’s coming along nicely plus beautiful dye-results.
    question: now that you’ve nominated me, do I too get to nominate 10 blogs as well??


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