November arrives

My thoughts and prayers are with the folks in NYC and NJ and elsewhere, suffering with clean up, destruction, and deprivation.  I hope temperatures stay mild.  It’s gotten a little cold here (outside of Boston) in the last couple of hours.  Here is one of the Berkshire barns, as of this morning.  It is a completed quilt top.

I’m not sure why it turned out to be such a struggle to assemble, but it was.  It’s about 32″ wide and incorporates some of the more successful indigo cloths from this summer.  The indigo worked particularly well for the mountains.  I’m calling it, “Waiting for Snow”.

I created a ‘side bar’ quilt on the work table, taking little breaks from the Barn.  It has a totally different feel, and therefore constituted a visual contrast.  This was refreshing for some reason.
In this one, the structure is merely hinted at, and the landscape has been granted license to be wild and dominant.  Not a surprising choice, given the rampaging punches that Sandy delivered over the weekend, while I was safely working down in my cellar studio.  This composition features some more of my indigo dips, as well as silk from my upholstery-design-contact, quilting cottons, batiks, and that Lonni Rossi broccoli/tree fabric that I so love.
I am hand quilting this little composition today, as the sky greys and a cold rain starts to fall.  Its working title is: “Long Island Blues” (Jude Hill online class project).  In this case, the usual horizon line has been broken up (submerged?!!) by the wandering watery lines of shibori.

15 thoughts on “November arrives

  1. Margo

    The barn quilt turned out so wonderful. I know it gave you fits, I hope it pleases you now. The other two pieces are equally as wonderful in their more abstract composition. Stay warm

  2. deedeemallon

    thank you Chris and Margo! it DID give me fits, but I think it turned out ok… I’m not used to piecing quite like this.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m thinking you work in threes! Three wondrous compositions — I’d been thinking the barn piece was small! — congrats on all of these, Dee. More stormy weather on the way, I hear. Safe & warm. xx

  4. nadia

    Hi, Dee. All three very lovely. I think the barn quilt turned out perfectly. As they say, “no pain, no gain”. I’m struggling with a big tree right now–no idea how its going to go together…

  5. Jacky Williams

    oh wow…. the barn has really come together and looks wonderful. I love the indigo’s, perfect for the mountains. Love how you’ve pulled it all together.

    What do you mean when you said you created a ‘side bar quilt”?

    Love how Long Island Blues is coming together too. Hive of industry at your place Dee!

    Thanks for all the beautiful fabrics and WIP’s to feast our eyes upon.

    Jacky xox

  6. deedeemallon

    oh how nice to open this up to so many comments! thank you all! By ‘side bar’, Jackie, I was using legal terminology – I mean not the big show, real deal of THE TRIAL (that would be the Berkshire barn), but a little and more private conversation (as in, before the judge during a trial).

  7. deedeemallon

    thank you, Joe! and Nadia…. I have been enjoying both of your blogs! Nancy — the mountains in Hancock, Mass. really do look like that!

  8. saskia

    oh Dee, oh wow!!
    waiting for snow = beautiful
    and the other two: beautiful as well!!
    I adore ‘long island blues’ and the relaxed feel of the side bar quillt: superb!

  9. Peggy

    Hi Dee, I see my comment didn’t go through but I wanted to tell you that this threesome is wonderful. I was surprised at how large the barn piece is! You’ve been busy. Long Island Blues is perfect. xo


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