lucky with storm

We lost power last year with Hurricane Irene, so we were ready this year for Sandy.  Luckily, aside from a dozen or so smaller branches coming down, we were unharmed.  School was cancelled yesterday and today, but the sun is out right now.

I have been ‘out of it’ here and elsewhere online – forgive!
K. and D. took down the mini-ramp on Saturday, which marked the end of an era.
I will leave you with that for today and be back soon with Middle Passage and turtles galore!
Those two pictures are from 2008.  Here is how it looked on Saturday:
And Sunday:
And, this morning:

14 thoughts on “lucky with storm

  1. deanna7trees

    glad to hear you fared well in the storm. lots of people without power and it will take awhile for nyc to get back to normal. i am grateful that i was not anywhere near this one. i have been in a couple of bad hurricanes and the feeling is so unsettling. hoping to hear from some of my ny friends soon.

    1. deedeemallon

      I’ve heard from a friend on Long Island who is fine, but without power… she’s out on the North Fork… that fire in NY sounded terrible! anyway, see you over ‘in class’!

  2. Julie

    Glad you have not been badly affected by the storm. I bet you could ‘hear’ all the yells and squeals of excitement as you took the ramp down. Good to have those memories.

  3. Nancy

    So glad to hear you came through the storm well! I spoke with my son in Boston and he had no problems at all. Waiting to hear about more friends. Thanks for posting to let us know.
    I bet a ramp-less yard is bittersweet. Just knowing that part of his youth is over and you are on to a new phase must bring up many feelings 🙂 Just going, eh?!!

  4. deedeemallon

    Hi Nancy and Julie – it is a bittersweet change. I’ve been wanting ‘my yard back’ mainly because the ramp wasn’t being used… but it’s hard to see such a definitive sign of change, and ‘just going’….

  5. deedeemallon

    thanks Doris! those are some beautiful fall pictures over on your blog… is there a way to view in English, P.S.?

  6. Susan

    I was wondering about you.. I remember the floods you went through before.
    Glad to see you weathered this pretty well. And the ramp coming down..
    definitely bittersweet

  7. deedeemallon

    Hi Ersi and Susan – thank you for commenting this week… it feels good to be connected here, when disaster has struck so close to home. Still worried about a few, esp. NY and NJ friends. Susan, I can’t believe you remember the water in the basement!! It was awful and hence, we are somewhat ready for water now. Sandy was more wind than rain, so that was good for us.


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