Middle Passage reveal

This is ‘Middle Passage I’ after dunking the lower edge into the indigo vat. By adding more resists, I managed to retain more of the original fabric than I did with the other Middle Passage piece (where I turned the bottom four inches of the quilt into a solid band of dark blue).
I like how some of the dye concentrated on the stitches.
The indigo edge visually relates to purchased hand-dyed fabric pieced above the border, which is nice. I think the process would’ve worked better had I dyed the cloth prior to piecing — the batting absorbed a lot of the dye that might have otherwise saturated fabric, for one thing. Below, is a section of the quilt that did NOT get immersed.
This morning, I twisted and dunked yet ANOTHER Middle Passage quilt (III?).
I can’t show you how it looks yet, but it is the least successful of the three by a lot. Here’s how it looked prior to submersion:
Because I liked the red batik border on this one, I folded the quilt and immersed the mid-section.

Because I’m unhappy with the result, tomorrow I will probably go ahead and dunk the entire lower half.  I wish I knew how to apply a rice paste – I would use that to preserve some of the red.

10 thoughts on “Middle Passage reveal

  1. handstories3

    how the indigo is interacting with the rest of the quilt, reaching up, it’s beautiful.
    i seem to remember making instant potatoes into a paste like consistency to protect areas successfully.

  2. Nancy

    I don’t know Dee, I like it and I like the stitches picking up more dye. I’d probably like the one from today too. I’m easy like that! Haha But, I also don’t have the creators vision in my head, as the audience…I like the colors and ‘feel’ and I love the little fish πŸ™‚

  3. deedeemallon

    thanks, Nancy… you’ll see the next one and decide… but then, the dunking is just another step, so there is more time to wrangle the quilt somewhere.

  4. gretchen1960

    Bravo Dee, I love Middle Passage I – – – gorgeous!
    I think the dying enhanced the movement which is just wonderful in this. Too early to tell about the dye & III. There is much less movement in this piece to begin with. I agree with you, the reds are wonderful. Looking forward to your next experiment on it. Wrangle on . . .

  5. debgorr

    Your pictures have me thinking about how we respond differently looking at something from a distance, or unfocused and then the close up the detail. How different of an experience that can be.

  6. deedeemallon

    Saskia – I enjoyed going to Jan Millington’s blog – thanks for that. I couldn’t find the rice post, so I ended up using corn syrup, which worked pretty well.

    Susan – I like that part, too.

    Deb – I know what you mean. I’ve also been noticing that I may like four square inches, but not the thing in its entirety… and even that changes.

  7. deedeemallon

    thank you Gretchen! your observation that there is less movement in the most recently dipped is really helping me look at it with new eyes. thank you for that.


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