bird, tree, and snow

Here is a quick sketch that I did of a clay figure sculpted by artist Maria DeCasto.  I found the photo in the book “500 Animals in Clay“.   I like drawing from other artist’s work, especially when it is not fiber.  It is a way to appreciate and celebrate what another artist is doing as well as to think about the basics of medium.

I fiddled with photo in my very rudimentary graphics package and now she is a ‘snowbird’.  Today’s fiber class will be devoted to doll-making and I’m going to try my hand at rendering Maria DeCastro’s avian scuplture in cloth.  I am not anticipating copyright issues because there is no way what I make will resemble hers.  Should I be concerned?

Perhaps I could ask the wise, enduring copper beech in my neighbor’s backyard.  I am lucky enough to see this massive and glorious tree out of my kitchen window (right where I stand to do prep) and out of my bedroom window.  I often turn my head to look at it, first thing as I wake.

When I woke up on the day after election day, relieved and tired, it struck me that this tree has been through so many elections, so many changes, tides, upheavals…  I’m pretty certain that it was alive during the Revolutionary War, more than 200 years ago.

What a thought!!  I wish that it could talk to me.  Perhaps I am not listening hard enough?

2 thoughts on “bird, tree, and snow

  1. annie!

    Beautiful thoughts…and tree! I sold Real Estate in Virginia and there was a house that I sold in Surry that had a tree that the whole town loved. It took 2-3 people to wrap their arms around it and the boughs covered the whole house and most of the big yard. When the buyer moved in…much to EVERYONE’s total dismay…she cut it down!!! I was actually frowned upon for selling the house to her. LOL! I often wondered what that tree had seen in it’s lifetime.

    As far as your drawing/painting…love it! I often wonder about those same types of copyright issues…and on occasion…contact the artist to make sure. But like you, mine NEVER look like the original. (Except for The Kiss and Gustav Klimt didn’t answer).

  2. deedeemallon

    oh what a sad story about the loss of that tree!! Our neighborhood lost many acres of woods to a development about ten years ago, and it was a terrible loss to the area.


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