Friday Mish-Mash 11/9

yesterday’s drawing taking shape – using Styrofoam cone as armature for now

paper bowl made ages ago atop scarf made this summer

My first ‘hombre’ attempt for classy kitty’s sweater

fabrics I adore – middle shibori from my vat; “tree” tie-dye wedge was a gift; edge wedge of pale blue a former silk work skirt from the 90’s

studio shot

studio – back table – goodies in more paper bowls I made

digital collage – sister, father, son

digital collage – father and gaga

digital collage – mother and gaga

studio shot – pink linen vest in progress

turtles woven in – may make large disk into a turtle, too

paper bowl – close up

impromptu linen draft shield for Jack, who slept in front of fireplace last night

Two silly links for you this week (oh so refreshing after election intensity):  baby otter finding its element and a possum eating a strawberry.

A photo of wings to inspire some stitchers:  Tullum beach scene.  Photo by Mario Valeira.

And some dynamic quilts : textile artist Pat Pauly.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

7 thoughts on “Friday Mish-Mash 11/9

  1. Ginny`

    After a long spell of trauma, rain, wind, snow, hail, train delays, and constant complaining – that possum is just what I needed to set things straight! What a happy face. Thank you!

  2. deedeemallon

    Ginny – do you have power yet?!! this latest storm didn’t do you any favors, did it?!! hang in there, and yes, that possum makes me laugh every time… I feel like a scrapbookin’ corny Mom when I send it to C. away at college… glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Ginny

    Hi Dee! Yes, we were out of power for a week during Sandy, it flickered some during the nor’easter and has been a real pain with the commuting to NYC but overall it is just tiring for us. We have had it easy compared to some. The coast is a disaster. I kept thinking of that Katrina quilt and what the Sandy one might look like.

  4. saskia

    don’t think I’ve ever seen a possum before, those fingers! and the cute baby otter, oh my.
    those fire place tiles are they Dutch? they sure look like old ones.
    beautiful fabrics and paper bowls; cannot wait to see the bird-being come te life; am working on one of my own……..


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