I am back to piecing a big ole barn.  Some windows are pieced.  Some will be appliqued.  The sky will not remain all one fabric as shown, and the foreground will extend downward, some.  It is cold in the basement now, so I won’t last too long, but it occurs to me that one to one and a half hour increments of effort on this is probably about right.  The first barn, some of you will remember, is now in the quilting pile.

7 thoughts on “stamina

  1. Patricia

    i’m liking this a lot–has something to do with the scale–the size of the barn in relationship to the whole. barns are/were so essential and usually so much larger than abodes–that alone speaks to their importance–and so many of them have ended up askew–settling iinto the earth–a process of gravity, massive weight applied internally (holding hay)–and sheltering all other sorts of dreams–holding. this barn really functions for my imagination–i see haylofts and critter heads sticking out of stall windows. I see hornets nests and spider webs. i love this. i also notice that you’re using wordpress–have just started to blog myself and am taking note of how much information you’ve provided on your sidebar. i’m still working at figuring it all out. if you want to take a look

    don’t let the cold settle into your bones–takes too long to re-heat!

  2. birdingbesty

    It has been a delight to watch your journey with this piece; the ease and flow with the fabrics and stitch as they give voice to the piece is a big smile magic for me. You encourage me to let go some of the “traditional guidelines” that were imparted in my early learning years; to relax and enjoy the conversation with cloth.

  3. deedeemallon

    thanks for these comments – Patricia – you remind me of the LIFE that might be inside the structure… something to keep in mind as I go forward…


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