This little ‘seam’ house has progressed some, but not increased in my esteem.  Some pieces are like that.  It’s useful to think of it as a sampler of techniques, or to turn it into something functional.  I may make this house into an apron.
red-house-fullThere’s a quite a bit more quilting to do, especially in the blue areas.  My favorite section is not the house, but the lower edge.
red-house-bottomAnd again, here:

2 thoughts on “12/12/12

  1. annie!

    Well…I think it’s awesome. As with any problem child, sometimes it just takes the tiniest bit of tweaking to make it all come right.

  2. deedeemallon

    thanks annie… and it’s true, isn’t it, how we form these relationships with what we are working on?


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