almost the darkest day

view-out-backI love the glow of light along the roof lines and the cheery rectangles of warmth coming from my neighbors’ houses.  In 2013 I plan to construct fabric houses that more nearly represent the houses in my neck of the woods.  logoAnd, speaking of houses, anyone who knows my work will guess why I was drawn to this wine – thereby confirming something recently heard on television – and that is, that labeling greatly influences wine purchases.thread-sketch-boy-topCleaning up to host the wine-related event, I found this little guy.  I think I was checking the bobbin tension on my machine, and reading Lynda Barry at the time.  The reverse side captures how I sometimes feel this time of year, hoping I am remembering everything I need to remember.


10 thoughts on “almost the darkest day

    1. deedeemallon

      thanks, Marjorie – the one of the houses, I assume. thanks Julierose, too! Glad to make a smiling moment in this awful week.


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