crossing over


After a two week break from computer screens, I am not unlike Jack, above, pausing at the edge, wondering how to re-enter.

Happy New Year, all!

I look forward to another year of sharing ideas, inspiration, techniques, and support on the worldwide web!


I have spent a lot of time quilting and knitting by the fire over the last two weeks.


This was how we saw C. for the most part – on his way out – to job or friends.


I baked 12 varieties this year.  This is the third year in a row that I vowed I wouldn’t.











where-are-my-slippersEvery two-footed member of our family got slippers for Christmas.  I seriously think Jack is wondering why he didn’t get any.  It’s not the cookies he’s wondering about — it’s the missing set of slippers!

11 thoughts on “crossing over

  1. Chris Gray

    How I have enjoyed looking through those photos Dee!

    …delight and envy are wrestling…

    …there are things that I miss dreadfully at this time.

    All the very best for 2013…

    x C

  2. deedeemallon Post author

    Danny Happy new year to you too!!

    Ali – pausing is good, right? Alternating quiet with noise is good… And yes, my guys are awfully handsome !!

    Happy new year to you, too, Chris. Hope the missing eases.

  3. Julie

    I love the look of your family Christmas and understand your hesitation but hope you are soon enjoying your creativity again. Your chair looks a happy place to be and your WIP is looking wonderful.

  4. deanna7trees

    looks like you had an eventful holiday. i love your chair with draped stitchery. i did the same with mine after my design wall fell to the ground. it might find its permanent place there when finished. joy and peace in the new year.

  5. deedeemallon Post author

    let me just say – this community is so great. thanks for checking in all… I look forward to catching up on your blogs too!


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