Ah – one week in to the new year already, and I don’t even have an up-to-date calendar for my fridge or the wall to my immediate right!

I still find myself a little tongue-tied here, so I will show you how two of the barn quilts are progressing.  This is the Blue Hill Barn, which is fully pieced and quite a long way toward being quilted.  I’ve decided though to applique some definition.

I am going to applique roof lines to lower this eave-angle.

I am going to applique roof lines to lower this eave-angle.


eave definitions pinned into place; cupola added


Porch for ‘Barn Two’ in progress



porch for ‘Barn Two’ overlaid ‘Blue Hills Barn’ – it works on this barn, too!

One obvious goal for 2013 – finish a few barns!!

What are some of your goals for this new year?


7 thoughts on “overlays

  1. Lisa Eaton

    Oh Dee, I love this series! The use of light and lines, particularly for the roofs, to show the slants and shadows is tremendous. I love diagonal lines as they add such excitement and movement. I’ve been particularly drawn to noticing light for a couple of years now. You’d think with my awesome Art History teacher I would have been noticing it for more than just a couple of years. However, that said, it’s light that is the beauty and challenge in art for me. I love what you’ve done with these quilts. I still recognize a shred or two from my stash!

    Goals for this year for me? Put my business back on the map. I’ve already started by virtue of having everything from 2012 entered into their appropriate homes in my computer~mailing list updates (this can be laborious) as well as having all of my receipts and expenses in Quicken. I’m all set to pay my sales tax for the year. This is unheard of! I inevitably am digging through piles of papers, aiming for the Jan15 deadline of sales tax payment, but not going through and cleaning up/filing the papers in the piles, just sifting for receipts, checks (you’d think I’d have been on top of those, but not always) and little notes to myself about payments I’ve received. For the past 2 or 3 years, I have had to send in an amended sales tax payment because I found some rogue check or receipt that was a stowaway during the excavation process. Ugh. But not this year. I am in tip top shape this year. The checkbook is even balanced through 2012 against bank statements. I have to remember/remind myself that I didn’t have as many sales as before, but still, this is the kind of work I detest and procrastinate until I completely hate myself. But now it is DONE! So that is step one to breathing some life back into my business. I have other plans as well, and will be working on those very soon. One deadline is to apply for a couple of shows by Jan. 11, so that will feel good once that’s done. I am very excited to make more lovely things and SELL THEM!

  2. Dee

    Lisa, I am so envious of the order you have in place already. I will do the usual avoiding, delaying, accomplishing in small bits, all the while wishing “I’d kept up”!! C’est la vie!

  3. gretchen1960

    Hi Dee,
    These are just wonky wonderful. Can’t wait to see what is next!

    I have the new calendar but am slow in getting my goals together. I do have some words chosen for 2013 to help me identify/define my goals; Simplify, reimagine and flow. Let’s celebrate starting slowly in this new year. It may leave us open to more possibilities!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Creative wishes, Gretchen

  4. Dee

    thanks, Gretchen. I like the feel of your trio of words… especially simplify and flow. Maybe when we simplify things and let them flow, the reimagining just happens?

    Yes, starting slow seems to be how it is right now. Slow, and even, a little disoriented.

  5. Sandy

    Oh Dee, this is wonderful! I love the use of color and pattern and it has such the feeling of “comfort”. Keep creating…cant wait to see what’s next. xx Sandy


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