trued, aligned, pressed


Technical jargon offers specificity.  Like any vocabulary, it often resonates with multiple meanings, meanings that don’t have much to do with the task at hand.  Every time I ‘true’ a quilt top, for instance, the other senses of that word ‘true’ are present.
barn-waiting-to-be-trued western-windows

Aligning a design’s intended sight lines brings deep satisfaction – perhaps satisfaction that is very tied to the processes of  ‘aligning’ and ‘righting’.  Maybe the more we recognize how much of life is beyond our control, the more satisfaction these miniscule attempts at order are (enough said! enough said!).



The final six or seven seams of a mid-sized or large pieced quilt top require more precision than comes naturally to me.  Since I know what the pay off is here (for pinning, for cutting straight lines, for re-working the crooked), I settle into a slightly different rhythm and mindset.  In other words, I don’t mind.

‘Re-working the crooked’.  There it is again! Language that describes both the inner and the outer.   If I had to describe one inner crooked line that could use some re-working?  That strange belief that holds one person can change or fix another.


Barn II.  The final six seams of the quilt top were machine-stitched and the seams pressed, on Monday.  I won’t go into what yesterday entailed.  On to quilting!!!

7 thoughts on “trued, aligned, pressed

  1. deanna7trees

    if only the light could pass through us as easily as it does through your beautiful cloth. looks like a pojagi piece. that reminds me that i have one that i’ve yet to finish.

  2. deedeemallon

    if only… yes, deanna – THERE’s something to wish for “the light passing through us, easily, rendering us clear and beautiful”!

    Someday, I’ll make a piece of intentional pojagi!!

  3. Lisa Eaton

    Oh. My. God. It’s PIECED! All this time I thought it was the glue and quilt process that I love to use. PIECED! Holy Toledo! (Toledo was a bit of an Ohio barn reference, oblique as it was). I love this quilt, Dee. I love your Barn series. I think you are really on to something. Absolutely fabulous.

  4. deedeemallon

    thanks, Margo and Lisa… it is tempting to hang in a window and leave as a single layer…

    there is some applique and there will be a bit more by the time I’m done, but it is PIECED and it was not easy… It actually would have been quicker to “do a Ruth McDowell” and draw the extending lines off to the edges and then number every single piece in the order to be stitched. But I feel like I’m learning about perspective and how better to combine applique and piecing.

    1. Margo

      Perspective can be enough of a bear with pencil and paper, you are doing fabulous adding it to your quilts.

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