keep looking

It’s so important to keep looking, don’t you think?


1. Refrigeration, 2. Old Drugs, 3. D i n e r, 4. DSC03182-2s – foggy Chicago Street at 3AM on a weekday, 5. Ornament Set Two, 6. bunting flag, 7. Pooped, 8. B&J, 9. Scarf wip, 10. nightmare interrupted feb6b, 11. Bullion Stitch experiment, 12. Neighbours, 13. Needle Felted Yellow Easter Chick- Spring nature table-Soft Sculpture, 14. Vines stitched over paper, 15. The Crows, 16. Freeform Embroidery and Appliqué, 17. M’Liss Floral Medallions on Black with Metallic, 18. Redhills Beech., 19. Abstract Quilt in solids, 20. Barn HDR

What do YOU do when you find yourself getting a little too narrow in your screen-time?
HOW do you notice when your focus is too narrow? 

Do you use a reader? Or a site like Stumble?  Do you burrow down some favored site’s sidebar links? 

I am definitely curious to hear your tricks.
P.S. I am about to pull down today’s earlier post.  It expressed my feelings well and I didn’t mind sharing them, but even though my kids probably reveal TONS of shit about themselves online, I don’t really want to. But, thank you those of you who took the time to comment.

12 thoughts on “keep looking

  1. deanna7trees

    i use facebook for ideas. i share all the images that inspire me so they will be permanently on my timeline and i can go back to them. i’ve ‘liked’ lots of different businesses that post really great images on a daily basis so they will always be on my page feed. are you on facebook?

    1. deedeemallon

      I am, Deanna and I use it for personal and business purposes… but somewhere I learned that any image posted on fb can be used by them, so I’ve been hesitant to post them. but I’d love to be friends!

  2. Michelle in NYC

    Hmmm…yes it is dangerous to express one’s feelings on line, as it can be in life. As for business–well I don’t do business so I’ve nothing to protect really. I find facebook unsatisfying as a real means of communication, but I look and I share things there anyhow. My blog is more personal, and email the most personal so far as technology is concerned. I look at a wide range of things on line, from music, and the arts, to events, politics, and the unusual.

  3. deedeemallon

    and, it was worth the few hours of exposure, btw, to hear what you had to say, Michelle… know that. And maybe they’ll come a day, when I have a private blog so that there can be more free exchange. I find that true in Jude’s classes.

    I hear that you look at a wide variety of things online (and your blog/outlook reflects that). My question, though, is HOW? How do you click through those things that interest you? And, do you ever start to feel like what you are looking at is too small, and so you need to look elsewhere? If so, what do you do then?

  4. saskia

    yes, I agree, Jude’s classes are a safe environment for uninhibited sharing, what will people think we get up to there?
    re looking for More on the internet, for me it’s usually via someone else’s blogroll (or something similar) and you get sucked into a different circle and then I decide if I want to add that to my own blogroll and I check in regularly and if I’m lucky there’ll be an interesting comment and then I enter an unknwn space. And I order books, or at least browse through books and stumble upon something New and Promising and so on.
    But I’m guessing you do this as well

  5. patricia

    this is a very good question. usually when i want inspiration i just dump my cloth onto the table and start feeling around for color and shape. but when i’m really stuck, i just spend time “rabbit trailing” from one place to another–sometimes there are serendipitous findings–sometimes i just waste a lot of time.. and sometimes i use images from my dreams.

  6. Mo Crow

    intuition, synchronicity and magic leads me down some amazing ( & mazing) trails through the cyber sea and is usually done whilst procrastinating about what to do next on a project!

  7. jackywllms

    I tend to burrow down and check out my favourties on my sidebar (just like I’m doing now…lunch is nearly ready).
    I’m fairly new to facebook, and must admit I prefer blogs. So much more personal. Great to check out other peoples blog rolls as you often find blogs that appeal.
    I love how at Jude’s we have the private forum for her students. I think that is a great idea …. our photos and comments arent ‘out there’ for the world to see on her private blog and I like that.
    Jacky xox

  8. Wholly Jeanne

    wait. do you have a corgi? does that adorableness in #7 live at your house? we have a corgi, too. we’ve had all kinds of canines, and corgis have permanent residence in my heart. they just do.

  9. deedeemallon

    Hi Jeanne – we DO have a corgi, fawn like the one pictured, but that one is not ours… Ours was a rescue and is quirky, to say the least, but absolutely adorable, too.


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