hunkered down

The snow started in a light flurry.  Big flakes, so it must have been warm.  I ran to the store because although I don’t get into that pre-storm shopping frenzy that empties shelves and renders lots a tangle, it seemed like a good idea.  Everybody must have shopped yesterday, because it was a ghost town.  The snow has come down steadily all day, but only a few inches have accumulated.
baby-chairOur local schools were closed.  My husband’s office was closed.  And the T stopped running two hours ago.  It seems a little over-reactive, but then, you just don’t know with these big storms anymore.  And anyway, I understand the bulk of the storm is due to arrive tonight.
Natives-first-thingHere are my plaster friends before I went to the market.Natives-middayHere they are midday.  I could see them from where I was pressing seams.Natives-pmAnd here they are in the gloaming.
Progress is being made (that is, “I am making progress”) on the second barn quilt.

rooflinesThe rooflines have been tricky.
western-windowsAnd scale matters so much.
The FIRST barn, dubbed, finally, “Blue Hills Barn”, is hanging at the B.J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington, NY, thanks to my cousin, Ginny.


I had to scurry on Monday to get it trued, bound, signed, sleeved, and photographed.  sleeves



I include the above picture for scale, and also to note that if it doesn’t sell, I won’t mind having it back to hang exactly here.


And finally, what a good day it was for homemade chicken soup (is there EVER a day that is not good for homemade chicken soup?!)

Stay warm all you readers under the same Arctic air!

19 thoughts on “hunkered down

  1. patricia

    Blue Hills barn is wonderful. I love it–how it evokes strength and time–time in the weather, time in the wind and sun. Turning around itself a bit to withstand and the forces of nature. The land in front, the sky–amazing what this brings forth. Stay warm!

  2. deedeemallon

    what a nice comment, Patricia… thank you. I hadn’t thought about strength and time, but I do love those blue hills, which to me are a lot about time and beauty.

  3. deanna7trees

    don’t know how you can part with that majestic looking barn. i think it is just fabulous. love that first snow picture.

  4. Ginny

    Thank you Dee for sharing it with Long Island at the B.J. Spoke Gallery, in Huntington NY (299 Main Street for anyone in the neighborhood). It is absolutely fabulous and the folks at the Carnegie Corp loved it too! I am sure it will have a new home soon. xox Can’t wait to see what art comes from this blast of white winds!

  5. deedeemallon

    Thank you for naming the gallery, Ginny. I changed the link to read out the name of the gallery.

  6. deedeemallon

    Hi Deanna – we have gotten quite a bit more snow since that picture. It’s getting blustery out there, too.

  7. Michelle in NYC

    What a pro—great quilt….and it’s never not a good day for chicken soup making. Here in the City everything shut down early too…but only an inch or so, still falling and the wind due to whip it up overnight, so I am tucked in too. Unfortunately loud upstairs neighbors are in for the night as well, moving furniture and yelling at each other, Life in NYC apartments can be intrusive when young, thoughtless newbees invade. This too will pass and I’m heading to Massachusetts Tuesday for true friends and the woodsy surround. Be well.

    1. deedeemallon

      Ugh, noisy upstairs neighbors… sounds awful… Hope roads are clear by Tuesday – they ought to be. I can’t wait to see how it all looks in the morning.

  8. Peggy

    Blue Hills Barn is really nice, Dee — it must be darn hard to let your pieces go — I agree, it looks good right there over the fireplace in case you get to keep it.

    And about procrastination — it must be your muse!

    We keep hearing about THE big storm, never know how much it’s being hyped up — in any case, stay safe. xx

  9. deedeemallon

    It’s still snowing!! I think there’s at least two feet out there, maybe a little more. Still comin’ down, blowing and drifting.

    As for procrastination being my Muse, Peggy – I hope not! More like a master wearing black leather and snapping her fingers to marching music (I think there’s a riding crop in her pocket).

  10. saskia

    Absolutely gorgeous piece and congratulations on the gallery hanging, oops that sounds strange, you get my drift. Speaking of drifts: watching the Indians turning into snow-men was fun!
    Hope you’re safe and warm in all these storms.

  11. perlhuhn52

    your barn quilt is beautiful, it will be a feast for the eyes everywhere. I just had some chicken soup too, outside it is wet and cold, some snow too but nothing to compare with your blizzard. I´m urgently looking forward to spring.Stay save.

  12. deedeemallon

    ‘gallery hanging’ as a particularly visually-appealing execution?! funny, saskia!

    and perlhuhn – we are tucked in and fine. Love the recent cloth gates on your blog.

  13. Julierose

    Barn is simply super! Late in responding–we got 24″ snow and ice mess here. Just got power back from Friday nite!! Don’t want to take this ride again!! Julierose

    1. deedeemallon

      Oh sorry to hear about the mess and power loss… so far where I am has been relatively untouched by issues of electricity. Have a good week!!


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