simplicity vs. chaos

Start with a built-up cloth.  Decide ‘it’s too busy’.

remember this? WIP pinned to finished quilt

remember this? WIP pinned to finished quilt

Split, divide, rearrange, extend, amplify, simplify, repopulate, weave and KABOOM, back to chaos.  Here is the journey in pictures.

cut in half - Left side

cut in half – Left side

cut in half - Left side

cut in half – Right side


adding 'tiles' to give appearance of weaving

extending borders, adding another nine patch

extending edges; adding back color and form

extending edges; adding back color and form

Speaking of the desire for simplicity – I am just loathing wordpress right now.  Why can’t I just insert pictures and easily move them around?!

Stuck with some chaos for now it seems.  Choosing it, even.

10 thoughts on “simplicity vs. chaos

  1. Julierose

    I’m no expert, but I find it very hard not to put in everything but the kitchen sink…you are brave to C U T it in half!! I do like the way your right side (with house & moon) is shaping up a lot…stay safe and warm in this upcoming snowstorm. Julierose

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      funny, I don’t mind taking things apart… we are ready for the storm, except to fill the bird feeders – we’ll do that in the morning. Stay safe yourself!


    the bravery, yes
    Also, I am starting to look for houses in all your work now, its like finding a signature

  3. deedeemallon Post author

    hi cindy – I keep hearing that – what a lot goes on in your mind. I’m not sure what to make of it. What I DO know is that I really want/must make a truly simple, barren even, cloth. Just to see. If I can do it.

  4. Mo Crow

    Hi Dee the search for that elusive simple line that says it all in one flowing gesture is a lifelong pursuit and a worthy one, in the meantime I love all your details, layers and explorations, taking aparts and putting back together in new configurations, a bit like that quote from John Lennon about life is what happens when your busy making other plans, you have a very lively life and your work is telling the story!

  5. deedeemallon Post author

    Mo you’ve given me an idea – how ABOUT a quilt that features a single curving line? I’ve been wanting to challenge myself with a ‘simple’ aesthetic, but I had been thinking more along the lines of softer colors and less contrast between fabrics… but maybe?

    thanks so much for your thoughts…


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