chugging along

blue-hut-startVacations (not mine), house cleaning, appointments, arranging college tours, two birthdays, SAT prep classes, allergic reactions (also not mine), snow, snow and more snow (and possibly MORE snow starting at midnight tonight).  Through it all, virtually no blogging, but a fair amount of stitching.

This b-day card for my younger son started with the central rectangle, which had been zig-zagged together at some much earlier moment.  The upholstery sample seemed a good base, picking up the check pattern of the ‘windowed’ linen.  For the roof and background, I used cloth that had been immersed in the indigo tub last summer.  Pairing almost anything with indigo-dyed cloth makes me happy these days, I don’t know why.   blue-hut-pinsSince D. is a Pisces, a bit of batiked fish seemed appropriate, and the cotton lawn in my scrap basket formed lovely, wrinkly moon and butterfly shapes when cut.  The pink linen backing is from a tunic that I used to wear.  This ‘card’ needed to carry a bit of me.


I was determined to keep the butterfly simple.

But, I could not resist adding ANOTHER backing cloth which adds a fair amount of additional graphic interest.

It is very nearly done – as are ‘cards’ for my older son (they were born two years, three days, and 15 minutes apart!) and for my husband (his is a Valentine).  More on those soon!!

7 thoughts on “chugging along

  1. manhandledinmt

    wow! what fun! i love how this “card” came together. all the fun colors and intriguing motion. . . and that back cloth was inspired! what a lucky boy he is!

  2. deedeemallon

    thank you, Joe – I don’t know about ‘lucky’, but he has quite a few quilts made by mama.

  3. deedeemallon

    I am not going to bind these… they are fairly stiff on account of the layering… if I have to, I’ll stitch a piece of bamboo skewer to top edge to keep flat for hanging.

  4. deedeemallon

    Peggy, I don’t do this every year… but at various times over the years. There is something liberating about making an ‘elevated card’ (quilt), as opposed to a little (precious) quilt… ya know?


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