progress in white

Slowly getting the hang of our updates. There definitely are improvements in the offing.Β  For now, I am just moments shy of a good, long walk in the spring air, then it will be time to walk to the periodontist for the insertion of an implant (yes, sympathy is welcome!)

In other words, this post will be quick. A report in pictures. WH = “White House”, the very original name for this piece.

WH - scraps laid out

WH – scraps laid out


WH – seamed, with some embroidery


WH – pre-whitening close up


WH – same area, both whitened and layered (the silk had color and pattern)


WH – sheers pinned over whitening white running stitch (grey splotchy roof does not stay)


WH – sheers pinned on the other side of the roof


WH – more whitening with the addition of white running stitches (grey roof is gone)


WH – celebrating the shredding orange silk by tacking it down; one sheer had embroidered loops on it, seen here


WH – getting there

WH - hanging

WH – hanging

13 thoughts on “progress in white

  1. deedeemallon

    youthink? before whitening, I didn’t even SEE the house… so I suppose the white brought it into being as well.

  2. Patricia

    whitening–sounds like another dental procedure. you have my sympathies–my sister has a mouthful of implants–they sure look pretty. and so glad to see all the stages and parts of this cloth. yes indeed.

  3. gaile

    it’s so good to see this in such detail, and love how you explained your process. i soaked it all in, it’s lovely,dee

  4. deedeemallon

    the teeth and whitening?! your comments got me thinking about bones/teeth/and white… structures. I’ve had two teeth rot from the inside out this past 12 months, so it’s the second implant. I know it won’t be THAT bad, but I nevertheless dread it!

    thanks for the link, Deanna — I’m going to save it for when I get home, ice pack pressed against cheek.

  5. saskia

    love the result and enjoyed seeing how you got there; good luck with your implant, hope it goes well. I have a crown (not sure that’s the same thing) over a molar I bit in half! the whole procedure was far less scary/painful than I had dreaded.

  6. Peggy

    Dee, you have read my mind. I have a white house cloth brewing for my April moon cloth! Ha. It’s nowhere near the beauty of this one you’ve made though, the softness, the vibe of your colors. Not even close. I do love yours so much. I may have to change things up. πŸ˜‰ We’ll see. xo

    1. deedeemallon

      Thanks Peggy. Maybe it is skmething about April that wants soft colors. I look forwrd to seeing yours.

  7. Anonymous

    this cloth makes me wish that it could BE in all it’s stages simultaneously…
    arranged in a row…like ten cloths merging…i really really love it

  8. handstories

    your stitch and scraps melt together into a dream like place.
    & catching up on your world here…so much going on in it, wishing you peace to wrap up in.


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