Brother Billy and new movie “Code Black”

OK, I’m bragging and so excited, here.

My brother, an ER doc in Los Angeles, is one of six executive producers of a documentary premiering at the LA Film Festival this week. It’s called “Code Black”.

You can watch a trailer here. It’s about two minutes long.

The website will give you an opportunity to SEE my brother in one of the photos (it’s always the first that shows up when I go to site). He is on the right wearing an orange polar fleece vest.

And, if you’re on FB, you can like their site here.

3 thoughts on “Brother Billy and new movie “Code Black”

  1. saskia

    congratulations and hey, of course you’re excited and bragging!

    wow, the issues raised in the trailer, more of the same over here, maybe not as extreme, but we’re heading that direction too, alas.

  2. deedeemallon

    it IS extreme… so many of the people in urban ERs are there because they don’t have access to other healthcare.

  3. debgorr

    How could you not be proud? What an important story to tell… Been catching up with your posts. I love how you keep reflecting and thinking and making…


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