Captions post


before going North on 128


North Shore lunch


Thinking about goodbyes


Something sweet, fun, and satisfying


South on 128 during tornado watch


I wish I could be paid for all the time I spend waiting for doctors


Tried a red dog like Patricia’s – it didn’t work; trying windows like Jude’s – we’ll see . . .


Spending lots of time with Jack

10 thoughts on “Captions post

  1. Sweetpea

    Admitting .. up front … I am so very biased. There is no color, no sky, no cloth, no stitch, no windows, no explanations of why or wherefore-art-thous, nor anything else that might matter more than these innocent beings who are COMPLETELY dependent upon us for their quality of life.

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      Agreed. The color and act of stitching the poppy is a way to sit in grief, really.

  2. deedeemallon Post author

    Nancy – I am tempted to leave the threads of the red dog there, just so, undone but not completely…

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      It is almost like calling forth his leaving the material plane. At the very least, it very much represents that.

  3. saskia

    oh Dee, I think about you and Jack lots these days, these animals we come to love…tough, rough, painful

    yes to leaving the red thread remains

  4. handstories

    oh, Jack.
    love the poppy.
    once heard about someone who deducted their own hourly rate from the doctor’s bill for the minutes in the waiting room.


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