bare floors

bare-floorI am still in a cycle of purging. While enormously satisfying, the cleaning and chucking of things has also been time consuming. Add to that: computer glitches, high school stuff for D., visits to Salem — and you get a person who doesn’t show up online!

Sorry. I hope to find a rhythm again.

Not only have I kept off the 17 pounds lost in the first quarter of the year, I have given away 15 HUGE bags of fabric.  I am starting to feel lighter!

An energized home can only bring good things along, right?




9 thoughts on “bare floors

  1. Nancy

    Dee~ I so get this. Weight loss, feels great. Stuff loss, feels great. Caretaking of self and my guy, not as easy. Fitting in work, commuting. grocery shopping…ya, all that. Not much stitching lately, very little weaving…I guess there is a season for everything!

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      And you didn’t mention illness. I hope that has eased some. The thing about caregiving that I want to notice more is how invisible it tends to be. And how that can make me feel invisible as well.

  2. Nancy

    Yes, you can feel invisible. By caretaking, I meant the illness that’s been going on. Better for us both, but not back to right yet. But there is the caretaking of the little ones too, that often feels unappreciated. So, your point to notice it is a good one. Reminds me of the noticing I did the day I wrote the Waiting Room piece. Because the noticing is so important. I like that you tune in Dee…and look and focus. It’s nice to witness.

  3. perlhuhn52

    Yes, feeling lighter can give you a new start, you are right. Less weight and reduced stash – I´m working on it. Not very successful yet but you give me a new push. I love this wooden floor – looks so cozy. Hope you will find your rhythm soon, thats easier and less stressful.

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      Thank you Doris. On the verge of an empty nest I am borrowing a friends phrase– reverse nesting.

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      Thanks Saskia. Orbs in the sky suggesting light. This piece was built as a “palette cleanser” during the barn raising. Maybe that accounts for some of its lightness too.


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