Moving furniture

I moved the furniture around so as to have a big table near the couch for basting. I really want to finish another quilt from the Global Warming series. The basting is done; the quilt ‘lap-ready.’ But having the table near the fireplace is inviting, and so maybe I’ll leave it there for awhile — we could eat by the fire.


Still blogging without using Photoshop Elements (today, the phone). The revolving blue donut just kinda did me in. Bear with me as I figure this out. Words do not flow through thumbs the way they do through a nib or keyboard, but the real problem is the quality of the pictures. It seems that no matter what size I upload them from my phone, they blur here. Arg!!

9 thoughts on “Moving furniture

  1. Maggie

    this is a test… I’ve tried to leave comments from my train commute hour but always get errors. So… just a test for now…

  2. Maggie

    ah, I’m in! So, I really loved your animated progression of fabric work a while back! And, of course, I love this too. The lines are colors shimmer with the growth energy of plants of plants and flowers.

  3. Ginny

    Hi Dee, sorry to read that you are at the infamous Mac blue abyss. I have been there and it is a real pain. We had so much trouble with our first computer (a super deluxe $3K version) that it went out the door after 4 years. I wiped clean and reloaded that thing more times that I can count. Once you hit the blue abyss it never seems to go right again. On the upside my little macbook is handy, and hasn’t given me much trouble except for the low memory which is solved by saving most on a portable drive. Still better for art than a PC. Good luck! If I can help in any way, let me know.

  4. deedeemallon

    we are a PC household. haven’t ever been persuaded that an Apple is worth the extra bucks. But, having never had one, not sure how I can judge. Until now, I have had little issue with the PC being intuitive and amply capable when it comes to graphics – the things people rave about with their Apples.

    I have just been pricing IT services. If I can get things going again for a few hundred dollars, it’ll be worth it. Your suggestion of moving all pix to an external drive is one of the things I want help with… with PSE moving pictures is a risky business… I really don’t want to add the waving magnifying glass to the spinning blue donut!!!

  5. Ginny

    wow, I never heard of spinning blue on a pc only mac. My bet is that it is a memory issue. Probably a big chunk is getting eaten up by something behind the scenes. Photoshop creates huge docs that can do it if you safe them as a photoshop doc. I always save as a jpg once I am done, but then again I don’t do alot of graphic editing except at work where space is not an issue. With the PC and Mac I never use their automated program to save images, I always put them in a folder myself then edit. Good luck Dee!! I hope you figure it out soon.

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      Hi Ginny. I use folders too. And I only save compressed jpegs. Called a couple vendors. I don’t think this is going to cost as much as I thought to straighten out. Do you blog from your phone?

  6. Ginny

    I used to blog from my blackberry all the time but since they “upgraded” blogger I can’t even view my blogs by phone. I hate to sound like an old timer but I wish the pace of upgrades would slow down. I can’t afford a smarter smart phone.

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      Me too!! And now there’s news afoot about ‘renting’ upgrades so that you wouldn’t even be able to decline really.


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