Speed of execution

Here are two global warming quilts side by side. The right hand panel is the one I basted yesterday.

In spite of having made the panel “lap ready,” I may machine quilt it and its partner.

It isn’t because I wish to avoid the long hours of hand sewing. It’s more that I’m eager to invest that kind of time and energy in work that feels more in line with my current palette and ideas. These panels were begun more than a couple of years ago now. They feel dated. But I want to finish them.

It’s going to rain soon and feels like a spaghetti kind of night.

PS I have started pricing IT services and feel as though there might be light at the end of this Computer Frustration Tunnel.

PPS  The top photo was entered from phone to wordpress ‘large’, the middle ‘medium’ and the final taken while writing. They ALL look out of focus to me.

6 thoughts on “Speed of execution

  1. Mo Crow

    well you know I have dreamed of carving a lifesize rocking horse for the past 30 years and of having a spare room with just a concert harp, a stool and 2 black candles on the fireplace ( I have never even tried to play the harp)… but what actually falls out of my hands is another thing altogether! In the last few weeks I made a funny little pincushion, a burnt ivory necklace and continue to draw the crow songs…. why is that?

    1. deedeemallon

      Ah now I get your drift (loved that pin cushion by the way)… Yeah I’ve made a lot of other things while these panels hung about in various stages of finish. One thing might be that I really prefer to work smaller than this (and in fact these panels and a few other strips used to be seen as a single quilt). What if I reduced their size by half?

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