December stars, a snow poem, and a song


star for jude


Close to joy


stitching rings around joy


ephemera unearthed this week — there’s my hare constellation


trial stars


last winter stars

digital collage - mother and gaga

Mother and pop star Lady Gaga

studio - back table - goodies in more paper bowls I made

paper machier stars


stars of light


silk stars, again

Inspiration for the morning: Mary Oliver’s poem “First Snow”. You can read it here.

And to get ‘close to joy’ for two minutes, try viewing this Gaelic song, performed in a gymnasium full of rhythmic kids, who keep a percussive beat going with plastic cups. You’ll love it!

(thank you Mary Ann’s brother for leading me to this amazing video!)

16 thoughts on “December stars, a snow poem, and a song

    1. deedeemallon

      it does look like the Northern Lights, doesn’t it? I was auditioning backgrounds for that row of house and ultimately chose something else. When I see this picture I feel a little stab of regret.

  1. Michelle in NYC

    I see the Aurora too in that blue piece…and wonder a little that you feel regret over it somehow. But, stars, well stars are a wide open field in many ways. Mary Oliver’s poem was swell…that “no Answers were found” is just brilliant…and so too the vast silence of fallen snow.

  2. saskia

    the singing! I love it when a whole group comes together for singing, all these youngsters especially are very uplifting; love your stars too, it is a twinkly post full of light, brightens up ‘the dark days’ , merry christmas to you Dee

  3. debbie.weaver

    I love your stars especially in the cloth with the houses, to me the sky has huge bats in it, protective bats the one nearest the stars has a wolf face, the wildish woman in the sky, can anybody else see that, protecting women on earth.

  4. deedeemallon

    thank you for commenting, Debbie. I really like to see what other people see… and I can find the bats now! They are everywhere! But I don’t see the wolf… is the wolf on that same indigo/constellation piece?

  5. Nancy

    Love all your stars, trials and all! And of course the Mary Oliver & video are wonderful too πŸ™‚ I feel filled up every time I watch that video.

  6. perlhuhn52

    Thanks a lot for this Gaelic song, my grandchildren and me we love it! Your trial stars are wonderful, this great sky over these little houses. Sometime I feel like this. Have a wonderful time.

  7. Peggy

    What a wonderful post, Dee! The stars…..I’ve totally fallen behind in Jude’s class, so it’s lovely to see what you’re making. Maybe I’ll join in with the stars, after the fact! πŸ˜‰ I adore the constellation cloth, that is magnificent! Happy New Year! xo


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