I wonder why…

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if a month-long break from blogging meant that great changes were afoot?! That at this end of the silent weeks, I had some crisp new approach to unfurl here and impress you all with?

Alas, I have no idea if the time-away has been fertile or not. Something is shifting, and as soon as I know what, I’ll let you in on it.  But for now, I figured the best way back is through the concrete… with a visual journal, mostly from today.




tracking household efforts


writing daily pages; organizing some notes


wood for the fire I will build now that it has started to snow again


rosemary that is going inside a bird (along with lemon and garlic) — the oven creaking tells me it’s hot and I should go!


later I can stitch — the pain in my right wrist only lasted for one day this time (yesterday)


“It’s Not About Me – Questions for a 19 Year Old” (more on this soon)


this year’s Sketchbook Project submission (sent last week)

10 thoughts on “I wonder why…

    1. deedeemallon

      yes. and yes. i named the wondering because it was different from what might have been more routine (and that is, to worry). but maybe as you say: simply away and back. perhaps no reasons at all.

  1. Ginny

    Seems like it was much longer than a month. Sometimes the break in routine can do a body good. Seeing things in a new light is good too. But I have to say I am glad you are back!

  2. deedeemallon

    Ginny – it seemed like longer than a month to me, too. Maybe I’ll just make end-of-summer and end-of-year breaks formal because I seem to take them… but then I re-read a blog post titled “change afoot” (nice to know I’m repeating myself) which reminded me that this pausing and being at odds has lasted much longer than this last month….

  3. Ginny

    Maybe it is the polar vortex pulling you off course or just a solstice thing – which is kind of nice, no matter how you look at it.

  4. deedeemallon

    if we want to go cosmic, in January the sun is moving toward its natal position in Aquarius (my sun sign) and in August it is lining up with Leo, my rising sign… perhaps natural times to re-assess?

  5. Nancy

    What is up? Well, who knows. I just know I am glad you’re back and I really really like the moon-y – planet-y cloths! Will be watching to see what else unfolds.


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