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I wonder why…

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if a month-long break from blogging meant that great changes were afoot?! That at this end of the silent weeks, I had some crisp new approach to unfurl here and impress you all with?

Alas, I have no idea if the time-away has been fertile or not. Something is shifting, and as soon as I know what, I’ll let you in on it.  But for now, I figured the best way back is through the concrete… with a visual journal, mostly from today.




tracking household efforts


writing daily pages; organizing some notes


wood for the fire I will build now that it has started to snow again


rosemary that is going inside a bird (along with lemon and garlic) — the oven creaking tells me it’s hot and I should go!


later I can stitch — the pain in my right wrist only lasted for one day this time (yesterday)


“It’s Not About Me – Questions for a 19 Year Old” (more on this soon)


this year’s Sketchbook Project submission (sent last week)