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I wonder why…

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if a month-long break from blogging meant that great changes were afoot?! That at this end of the silent weeks, I had some crisp new approach to unfurl here and impress you all with?

Alas, I have no idea if the time-away has been fertile or not. Something is shifting, and as soon as I know what, I’ll let you in on it.  But for now, I figured the best way back is through the concrete… with a visual journal, mostly from today.




tracking household efforts


writing daily pages; organizing some notes


wood for the fire I will build now that it has started to snow again


rosemary that is going inside a bird (along with lemon and garlic) — the oven creaking tells me it’s hot and I should go!


later I can stitch — the pain in my right wrist only lasted for one day this time (yesterday)


“It’s Not About Me – Questions for a 19 Year Old” (more on this soon)


this year’s Sketchbook Project submission (sent last week)

Studio Still Lifes and To Do’s

scene from bulletin board

scene from bulletin board

As I mentioned, I am cleaning the studio… before and after pix to come, but for now, some still lifes from bulletin board, fridge, and work tables…

I suppose each image provides a To Do List item with it — for the above?  Find original collage of “MYSTERY/BELOVED/FLOW/HERE” and transfer to fabric.  Query — where has the sex gone from my work?!!

Fridge montage

Fridge montage

TO DO Item for this picture — find collage series (there were six, I think) and go make color copies — play with scale and group together as originally intended.  Transfer better ones to fabric and stitch.

The actress shown is Pam Grier (she is riding a roller coaster), clipped from magazine after seeing and loving the movie she starred in along with Samuel L. Jackson —  Jackie Brown.

This collage had something to do with surrender and female power and fertility — I love the inclusion of a photo of little Danny (not part of the collage) taken at cousin Emily’s birthday party years ago, sitting astride a pony for the very first time, all aglow with the novelty and wonder of it…

pencil drawing

pencil drawing

To Do Item for this picture — start assembling fabrics for another elephant quilt.  I am not done with them yet!

The Queen is in the Shadow

The Queen is in the Shadow

To Do Item for this still life is not crafty so much as psychological — Get The Queen Out of The Shadow!!!!  That little drawing, done by me at around age eight, belongs in the light of day — don’t you agree?  Perhaps I should make a few tiaras… they could always go on a doll!

Joker and Archbishop

Joker and Archbishop

Joker needs a body;  Archbishop, forgiveness.

studio pals

studio pals

These guys, bless their little hearts, just ask to be appreciated!!