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Holding the ecstatic center

Apparently that is something I do — “hold the ecstatic center.” Really? A trusted source. Many decades of association. I try to worm out of it. Then I try to wear it.

It’s a powerful reflection, thrilling, really.

I certainly can own surrender and ecstasy as recurring visual motifs.

This morning I’m inspired by dogs jumping into swimming pools, by photographers catching women airborne, by fifth generation islanders celebrating a birthday. By my Tuesday Group.

Below is an assemblage of SoulCollage cards, digital collages, collages made responding to this year’s Paris Collage Club weekly visual prompts (over on Instagram) and paper collages made during Acey’s collage tour (last year?).

** initial dancers from Alvin Ailey’s dance troupe, subsequent tattooed dancer from recent West Side Story production, photos from NYTimes. “Male exiting subway with grace” probably came from Vogue but maybe it was Vanity Fair. There are National Geographic images sprinkled in there, shots from Skateboarding Magazine. The Black woman with wings was featured at a Boston MFA show before the lockdown. I’m sorry I don’t know the artist’s name. You’ll recognize Oprah Winfrey, Julia Child, Sigourney Weaver, and Michael Jackson (yes I’m leaving him in!). The whirling dervishes are from the mystic branch of Islam, Sufism and St. Francis makes a small appearance at the very end.

What we miss what we glean

Interesting that I skipped right over Acey’s* Prompt 9

“BE the prompt you want to see.

Express what you most want, need, and seek as our shared landscape begins to look more and more like a collage project gone rogue and dark beyond salvation.”

This is what I came up with just now. Think: surrender and trust. The background looks like a world-sized globe but actually depicts teeny creatures. So — I’ll take the collage to mean I want surrender and trust personally as well as on a world-wide scale.

I don’t know what the tattooed quote says, but the inked wings on the dancer’s back are clear enough. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of the young — how they are the voters and innovators the world needs.

Meanwhile it’s a writing day.

Except that I just made these collages as well. More on them later. I had “care package” in mind making them. Took the stamps off a literal package that came yesterday (thank you, Michelle!!)

The dark-robed trawler is an old collage. The white silhouette new. I love how the girl climbing stairs has flung her arms out like the skateboarder. Like the wings.

Sorry if I am not caught up on others’ blogs. I feel stretched right now. But know that I’m loving seeing everyone’s’ creations and finding Acey’s prompts more than stimulating!


For info on this collage project see Acey’s blog sparklinglotusink

For more SoulCollage cards of mine, go to Flickr on sidebar and open the SoulCollage album. Or, track the ‘SoulCollage’ and ‘collage’ tags here on the blog

Five “Roads not Taken”


SoulCollage — fifth or sixth ‘Surrender’ card — here specifically about dancing

In Week One of “The Artist’s Way“, Julia Cameron suggests making a list of five alternate lives (the Progoff journal method does this, too, calling them “roads not taken”). This is a simple but effective way to re-discover parts of ourselves that we may have left behind.

Cameron adds another step — to try and bring some flavor of one or all into the week.

Here’s my list:
Japanese scholar
Jungian therapist
Constitutional lawyer / social activist
Sheep farmer and weaver

What are a few of your “roads not taken” and how might you let them into your life?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

[I’ve picked up Cameron’s book over and over in the past decades — Years when I have done the ‘Morning Pages’ practice have been better than the years when I have not. Her wisdom has been more than useful to me. This time, I was inspired by Heather K. Powers — a Charleston artist and organizational guru whom I met in September at the Sea Island Indigo Workshop. She just started an ‘Artist’s Way’ group in SC, which I found myself wishing I could participate in.

I hope to go week by week without breaks in order to let the momentum of Cameron’s 12-week process build. I am already dreading the Media Fast, which will be very, very hard for me. I also hope to find the journal pages from when I did this before — to compare].


Studio Still Lifes and To Do’s

scene from bulletin board

scene from bulletin board

As I mentioned, I am cleaning the studio… before and after pix to come, but for now, some still lifes from bulletin board, fridge, and work tables…

I suppose each image provides a To Do List item with it — for the above?  Find original collage of “MYSTERY/BELOVED/FLOW/HERE” and transfer to fabric.  Query — where has the sex gone from my work?!!

Fridge montage

Fridge montage

TO DO Item for this picture — find collage series (there were six, I think) and go make color copies — play with scale and group together as originally intended.  Transfer better ones to fabric and stitch.

The actress shown is Pam Grier (she is riding a roller coaster), clipped from magazine after seeing and loving the movie she starred in along with Samuel L. Jackson —  Jackie Brown.

This collage had something to do with surrender and female power and fertility — I love the inclusion of a photo of little Danny (not part of the collage) taken at cousin Emily’s birthday party years ago, sitting astride a pony for the very first time, all aglow with the novelty and wonder of it…

pencil drawing

pencil drawing

To Do Item for this picture — start assembling fabrics for another elephant quilt.  I am not done with them yet!

The Queen is in the Shadow

The Queen is in the Shadow

To Do Item for this still life is not crafty so much as psychological — Get The Queen Out of The Shadow!!!!  That little drawing, done by me at around age eight, belongs in the light of day — don’t you agree?  Perhaps I should make a few tiaras… they could always go on a doll!

Joker and Archbishop

Joker and Archbishop

Joker needs a body;  Archbishop, forgiveness.

studio pals

studio pals

These guys, bless their little hearts, just ask to be appreciated!!