What we miss what we glean

Interesting that I skipped right over Acey’s* Prompt 9

“BE the prompt you want to see.

Express what you most want, need, and seek as our shared landscape begins to look more and more like a collage project gone rogue and dark beyond salvation.”

This is what I came up with just now. Think: surrender and trust. The background looks like a world-sized globe but actually depicts teeny creatures. So — I’ll take the collage to mean I want surrender and trust personally as well as on a world-wide scale.

I don’t know what the tattooed quote says, but the inked wings on the dancer’s back are clear enough. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of the young — how they are the voters and innovators the world needs.

Meanwhile it’s a writing day.

Except that I just made these collages as well. More on them later. I had “care package” in mind making them. Took the stamps off a literal package that came yesterday (thank you, Michelle!!)

The dark-robed trawler is an old collage. The white silhouette new. I love how the girl climbing stairs has flung her arms out like the skateboarder. Like the wings.

Sorry if I am not caught up on others’ blogs. I feel stretched right now. But know that I’m loving seeing everyone’s’ creations and finding Acey’s prompts more than stimulating!


For info on this collage project see Acey’s blog sparklinglotusink

For more SoulCollage cards of mine, go to Flickr on sidebar and open the SoulCollage album. Or, track the ‘SoulCollage’ and ‘collage’ tags here on the blog

10 thoughts on “What we miss what we glean

  1. Anonymous

    Oh so interesting! and, I fell upon a post card theme today myself, how about that? I love your visuals and the vision of sending a package. Very haunting. And why is it that we do not tire of worrying about the polar bears? Then, the boys tattooed bodies are very interesting while making me a little nauseous for some reason… also feels like nausea may a response that the image is meant to inflict.

    1. deemallon

      I resonate with the poor polar bears in the same way I feel so heart broken about the koala bears and kangaroos. There is something about animals that draws forth emotion. We’re you painting the postcards? Would love to know.

      What about the male dancers bothers you? I find them lovely. Intertwined in shared purpose, supporting the man with the wings, about to explode into movement that is past the moment of the photograph.

      1. Anonymous

        yes, I find the male dancers beautiful particularly with the earth – it just somehow make *me* spin. I think its a good thing! a good heart-mind-body spin.

        1. deemallon

          Last night I judge these images as all at one remove. I wonder about form that is female. American. Northeastern. You get the drift.

  2. nancy

    There you are again, young men in tow! Apologies not needed, we’re all in the same boat with only 24 hours in a day!

  3. Michelle Slater

    POLAR BEARS were my heart image and I sent those stamps to say so. Yes, the issue is life and can it survive. It is the central and inescapable issue, the elephant (polar bear) in the room.


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