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Walking downstairs and out the back door

Before coffee.20140715-080349-29029381.jpg
One of the saved baby outfits. This one D.’s.  College-bound (the boy, not the outfit!):20140715-080445-29085704.jpg[When I was about eight months pregnant, I showed my bed-ridden mother this little vest and onesie. “You’re finding his palette,” she announced in true art teacher/mother fashion.  She would never meet him].

Speaking of palettes, on the coffee table, random partnering:20140715-080525-29125303.jpgOn the ironing board, ready for sleeving:20140715-080559-29159380.jpgBookcases. Wooden boxes from Japan. Classics, hardbound.  Some of the many new-to-us things:


this photo taken last night; but en route to back door

A saturating rain yesterday:20140715-081058-29458791.jpg


What if everything simply “was”?

AC failed on Tuesday

AC failed on Tuesday

It is really too bad that I am not enlightened. Or a good Buddhist. Or a warrior trained by a desert shaman. To be real:  it’s too bad I’m not even endowed with a moderately level temper. This week has been intense. (Wasn’t last week too? And, will the coming week be any less so?)



downsizing in NY Sat, Sun, Mon


Annuals putting out


washing machine failed on Tues


newly dubbed “Hitler Weed” trying to take over

The recent demands of family, the nearly incapacitating heat, and the thought of getting ready for a five day trip without a washing machine would make even a better person cranky.  OK. Let me just state that.  Nevertheless, I can’t help but repeatedly ask myself, what is this need to place value on things?  To continually make the assignment: “bad” or “good”? How much more energy might I have if every single thing crossing my doorstep simply “was”?  (Think: Byron Katie).


Ah… lemon, mint, honey, ice and herbs!!

THAT’s where the edge is for me these days. As I roll that question around in my hot, sometimes cranky, being, I will drink lots of iced tea flavored with fresh mint!


ask-right-questionsClutter-clearing produces space — physical, mental, emotional. Clutter- clearing is a spiritual practice, one that needs doing on an ongoing basis. And even though clutter-clearing is “first world problem” (and therefore slightly embarrassing to discuss?), it is a vital subject to explore openly because we need support to do it.

And we need reminding of its profound benefits.

I will be talking about clutter and order this year. One of my special challenges. Today, I’ll leave you with my go-to source on the subject:  Sandra Felton, aka ‘The Organizer Lady’, author of many helpful books on household order.  You can also find her at MessiesAnonymous.com.

Today I ask the question – what is it I want to invite in to a beautifully ordered home?

[DO NOT CLICK on light blue words with two underscores…   I have been hacked. Bear with me while I attempt to figure this out].

I wonder why…

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if a month-long break from blogging meant that great changes were afoot?! That at this end of the silent weeks, I had some crisp new approach to unfurl here and impress you all with?

Alas, I have no idea if the time-away has been fertile or not. Something is shifting, and as soon as I know what, I’ll let you in on it.  But for now, I figured the best way back is through the concrete… with a visual journal, mostly from today.




tracking household efforts


writing daily pages; organizing some notes


wood for the fire I will build now that it has started to snow again


rosemary that is going inside a bird (along with lemon and garlic) — the oven creaking tells me it’s hot and I should go!


later I can stitch — the pain in my right wrist only lasted for one day this time (yesterday)


“It’s Not About Me – Questions for a 19 Year Old” (more on this soon)


this year’s Sketchbook Project submission (sent last week)