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‘Let the Breath’

IMG_5583Today it pours. I am altering clothes for my sister. Picking out a background for a quilt nearly done. Finished “Gone Girl” earlier — felt a little guilty, but such a good day for reading! Am fighting a cold with Zicam and salt water gargling. I think I’m beating it back, but honestly — don’t have a lot of energy.

It is hard to believe that I photographed this bee — drunk on pollen and probably asleep — less than a month ago. Now we move on to rust and dried catalpa pods and maple leaves absolutely everywhere.

Let the Breath Take You Deeper

Let the Breath Take You Deeper

A refrain from another part of my life.

Walking downstairs and out the back door

Before coffee.20140715-080349-29029381.jpg
One of the saved baby outfits. This one D.’s.  College-bound (the boy, not the outfit!):20140715-080445-29085704.jpg[When I was about eight months pregnant, I showed my bed-ridden mother this little vest and onesie. “You’re finding his palette,” she announced in true art teacher/mother fashion.  She would never meet him].

Speaking of palettes, on the coffee table, random partnering:20140715-080525-29125303.jpgOn the ironing board, ready for sleeving:20140715-080559-29159380.jpgBookcases. Wooden boxes from Japan. Classics, hardbound.  Some of the many new-to-us things:


this photo taken last night; but en route to back door

A saturating rain yesterday:20140715-081058-29458791.jpg


and the rains came

a too-big stone made last year for Jude Hill's communal quilt

a too-big stone made last year for Jude Hill’s communal quilt — the Magic Feather Project – one of many fun things turning up in my studio cleaning

Rains reached the east coast last night. After two stiflingly hot days. The torrential downpour was met with relief as I went from room to room to lift the window sashes. Opening the house to air and moisture and sound, just in time to crawl into bed was a moment of happiness. I abandoned any attempt to read. Just listened.

It is odd to say this when Boulder is such a mess with flooding, and when I know parts of New Mexico have been pummeled with storms, too. Here, it was just seasonal. Not weird. Not an anomaly. That brings a sense of relief as well.

Felt House, Day 10

This photo is ten days after I ‘planted’ the fabric house outdoors.  I used fowl pins like little tent stakes to hold it in place.  A wicker planter that was in the process of decomposing provided some roof twigs, which were disturbed by two days of rain.  Now, just peeking over the edge, you can see one of the fern fronds!

Shadows make a lovely pattern in this picture.

And here are two new brooches:

As soon as I can figure out why etsy wasn’t uploading my pictures yesterday, I’ll add these to my shop.


Of the many FINDS in my recent cellar-clean-out, this little house has grabbed my attention. I added the ‘beams’ to an existing felt and cotton and upholstery structure, and asked myself, “How to build a roof?”

After taking a series of pictures just now in the morning light near the spring bulbs and just now emerging but still coiled ferns, I got an idea.

What if I cut a hole in the bottom and positioned it over a fern and watched greenery fill my house? No roof. Open to sky, rain. Filled with the glory that is a fern stretching into its full summery frond.