Of the many FINDS in my recent cellar-clean-out, this little house has grabbed my attention. I added the ‘beams’ to an existing felt and cotton and upholstery structure, and asked myself, “How to build a roof?”

After taking a series of pictures just now in the morning light near the spring bulbs and just now emerging but still coiled ferns, I got an idea.

What if I cut a hole in the bottom and positioned it over a fern and watched greenery fill my house? No roof. Open to sky, rain. Filled with the glory that is a fern stretching into its full summery frond.

14 thoughts on “opening

  1. Kari of Writing Up A Storm

    Oh, this is too wonderful! I hope you will revisit this and show us the fern roof. I wish my little tent could nestle nearby ~ what conversations your house and my tent might have together! I love how you used twigs for your framing. Your little house is both rustic and bohemian at the same time, a log cabin with bohemian draperies for walls! xo Kari

  2. Dee

    thank you Victoria and Kari — I will post pictures. Hole is cut already.

    Kari, your mini-tent in the garden and story was an inspiration, here!

  3. Dee

    thanks, Robin… that little corner near my side stoop gets quite lush and I’m excited to see it happen over the next many weeks.

  4. Ginny

    What a beautiful little home for the garden! You could grow a city of organic homes. How sweet.


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