and the rains came

a too-big stone made last year for Jude Hill's communal quilt

a too-big stone made last year for Jude Hill’s communal quilt — the Magic Feather Project – one of many fun things turning up in my studio cleaning

Rains reached the east coast last night. After two stiflingly hot days. The torrential downpour was met with relief as I went from room to room to lift the window sashes. Opening the house to air and moisture and sound, just in time to crawl into bed was a moment of happiness. I abandoned any attempt to read. Just listened.

It is odd to say this when Boulder is such a mess with flooding, and when I know parts of New Mexico have been pummeled with storms, too. Here, it was just seasonal. Not weird. Not an anomaly. That brings a sense of relief as well.

7 thoughts on “and the rains came

  1. Peggy

    That’s okay, Dee. I feel sort of like that here in Denver, too, and look how close I am to all the action. So nice to maybe even possibly get a little sweater out and put it on. xx

  2. fiberels

    Hi Dee, sorry I didn’t visit you in a long time ….
    (that’s probably what nΓ³t being in what-if anymore
    is doing …. I’m missing a lot of you out there πŸ˜‰ !)
    Had a LOT of catching-up to do !
    Saw some very beautiful things πŸ˜‰


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