poppy comin’ along

poppy comin' along by dee at clothcompany

This is hanging off the tablecloth in the dining room. A new way to view.

But the real experiment here is ‘sharing’. Keeping it simple… can I find a better way?!!

Shared this photo directly from PSE11 gallery into flickr and now blogging directly from flickr….

Normally, would open PSE organizer, edit, (mostly to re-size) and then save compressed image to a folder (that I now have to triple click and scroll to get to (thank you update!)), THEN go to wordpress and upload image twice (thank you update there, too!! because wordpress recently added an additional step to insert image).

So, does this work?!! Even with a quick edit from wordpress, this is a boatload easier!

10 thoughts on “poppy comin’ along

    1. deedeemallon

      Yes it is nearly good enough, but I think I want to add a stem and a couple of leaves (partly in thinking about ‘spectrum’ — there is no green here).

  1. Sandi

    Yay! I will get it ready for you. It makes me so happy every time I see a clipping of something I sent in your work. And this Poppy, makes me smile! Can you email me the price? I will probablyneed to make payments… so worth it! HUGS!


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